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1 Origins of the Universe
2 The Vast Expanse
3 Emotion Strata
4 Space and Time
5 The Beginning
6 DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)
7 Perfect Creation
8 Abiogenesis

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THE VAST EXPANSE, Norwegian electronic artist / composer Sverre Knut Johansen’s latest exploration into our experience and sense of the Universe, contemplates a past beyond time, surrounding the Universe’s very creation, and reflecting on how it all began. Once again joined by fellow Spotted Peccary artist and acclaimed ambient guitarist, David Helpling, the two artists synthesize new perspectives around this magnificent theme, delicately crafting human and synthetic environments that effortlessly under-score a fantastic sci-fi themed electro-symphonic musical voyage.

Orchestrated arpeggios and pulsing bass lines give foundation to soaring leads, deep layered atmospheres, and haunting guitar melodies; expansiveness is truly the underlying feeling of this work. Inspired by the theory of the Big Bang, Johansen’s use of a wide palette of electronics supported by Helpling’s spacial textures and floating sounds, evoke finely tuned soundspaces filled with mystery and awe, breathing a mythical life into this expressive astronomical music saga.

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