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1. Monument
2. Return
3. String Flow
4. Between
5. Urban Space
6. Reflections
7. Corona
8. Impressions
9. Nature Morte
10. Eclipse
11. Second Meeting
12. Dream Convert (prevoiusly unreleased)
13. Pastorale (prevoiusly unreleased)
14. Echo Of Spring (prevoiusly unreleased)
15. Star Scenery (prevoiusly unreleased)

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This special remastered edition of Erik Wøllo’s long out of print 1989 release, Images Of Light, includes the original album plus four previously unreleased tracks from the era, all remastered with a depth and clarity that far surpasses the original release.

Images Of Light was originally released in Norway in 1989, and then in the USA in 1990. Expanding on the distinctive electronic style that first appeared on Traces, Wøllo delivers adventurous and vibrant compositions performed on guitars and synthesizers. The true potential of Wøllo’s shining, consonant chord structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design was realized on Images Of Light. Rich, timeless music with texture and melody, highly sculpted and detailed, resulting in a pulsing, vibrant and atmospherically three-dimensional experience.

Previously only available as part of an exclusive three-disc set, this special remastered edition is now available on its own as a single CD, and for the first time ever as a download in CD quality lossless, as well as 24-bit High Resolution Studio Master!

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