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1. Distant Traveler 13:13
2. Cantus For Hospitality 9:34
3. Oneiric Cocoon 11:03
4. Awake When Shadows Walk 11:06
5. Refuge In Breathing 10:48
6. Fall Up, The Clouds Will Catch You 12:07

“I have pondered how best to respond to a very intense time, in a way that might still feel relevant in a few years, when some of these shadows recede into memory. I was halfway through an active album, full of challenging filagree and ear bending tunings. I set that aside when I realized that people were asking me for a type of album that I had not made in many years. This one is spontaneous, quiet, gentle, and not trying to make any statement at all. I intend it as a gift.” – Robert Rich

Six panel digipack with artwork collaboration between Robert Rich and John Bergin, limited pressing of 1000 copies.

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  1. padmin

    Propelled by a striking new inspiration Robert Rich heads for the dreamlands. Sailing in the direction of dawn he realizes an Offering to the Morning Fog (67’52”). Content are those who tour this realm. A lavish aural voyage this album unfolds at a right roaming pace. Progressing along a slow-moving arc it builds a sense of tonal otherness that is enticing, inviting and subtle. As this release has been composed within an alternate system of tuning, one might expect the effect to be disquieting. To his credit, here Rich uses this unique technique to conjure six works of wonder – sometimes curious and questioning, but always meant to ease, not challenge his advanced listeners. Offering to the Morning Fog invites us to dream. With breathing drones and undulating tones the ebb and flow of Rich’s slow flute lines circulate through cavernous reverb. The measured use of glissando guitar adds a sinuous shimmering shine wherever it arises. But beneath this lightening plain electronic sound sources materialize in a lingering portent. It is these brief heartless voids and unsettled regions that so fix and fascinate Rich. Declaring a twilight sound space he summons a daybreak where infinity is nothingness and the unknown impels his craft. Offering to the Morning Fog is the perfect balm for an age that demands art and music penetrate surfaces and depict a more complex truth. So although your heart and mind will be unfolding in a thousand different directions, please do not forget to look for yourself inside this beautiful landscape. And please know that, as the long night passes with the cleansing sunrise always comes the promise of a new and better day – at which time there is no better moment to concede that it is the contrast of light and dark that give each other their meaning.

    – Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END 25 June 2020

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