(DELETED)Robert Rich: Echo Of Small Things (CD)

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1. Pathways 9:36
2. Fences 4:57
3. Circle Unwound 9:00
4. Passing Terrain 6:09
5. Glint in Her Eyes 6:25
6. Scent of Night Jasmine 9:09
7. Summer Thunder 4:27
8. Hollow Rings Longer 5:19
9. Weightless Morning 6:12

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“Our culture helps determine for us what we think is important and what we think is trivial, what is large and what is small. Yet meaning often waits at the periphery. Life happens in the gaps, in the soft-hued colors of the mundane, the accidental: a casual smile, the cycle of seasons, the view from a window, growing a garden, the smells and fabrics of home.

Often I value the everyday moments in life more than the grand statement. I try to reflect the beauty and depth of those small things that we stop seeing. I want to create experiences that heighten attention through rarefaction, to subtract until I can expose an essential truth.

David Agasi and I decided to collaborate after many years of friendship, and the title “Echo of Small Things” came from an effort to describe a common theme that unites us. David focuses his camera at a human scale: peripheral, with an almost accidental intimacy; myopic, exposing the quiet gaps between love and loneliness; warm, ripe with sensitivity and soft humor.”

Robert Rich, Mountain View, CA USA
February 2005

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