Serena Gabriel With Steve Roach: The Saffron Sky (CD)


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1. For The Fire 11:58
2. Seeds Of Potential 9:58
3. Gentle Landing 8:44
4. Air Of Amrita 10:07
5. In The All 8:43
6. High Sun, River Blessings 10:10
7. Calling For Peace 9:29

The Saffron Sky is a majestic heartfelt bloom of musical offerings rich with electroacoustic soundscapes, rhythmic/melodic traceries, vibrant vocal emanations and alluring harmonies that reverently blend with ancient Sanskrit mantras.

On her 6th release, Serena Gabriel brings her unique approach and years of passionate exploration of the electronic and acoustic realms to The Saffron Sky. Inspired by her practice of Nada Yoga and her recent extended sojourn in India, the transformative potential of sacred sound and mantra culminate in this moving expression of sonic devotion.

Alongside his role as producer, Steve Roach also contributes with his lush textural soundworlds on several of the tracks. The elegance of guest artist Linda Kohanov’s viola brings yet another layer of emotional resonance to the radiant quality of the album.

Experience the enchanting and deeply soulful embrace of The Saffron Sky.

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