Various Artists: No41 | Winter 2014

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1 song titles here
1 song titles here
1 song titles here

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1 Paulina Cassidy: Voodoo Lily
from Sugar Wingshiver
2 Makaras Pen: Mountain view
from Journeys to the End
3 The Arms of Someone New: Every Seventh Wave (2014 Remaster)
from Every Seventh Wave EP (2014 Remaster)
4 Erik Wollo: Visions
from Timelines
5. Steve Roach / Kelly David: The Deep Hours (excerpt)
from The Long Night
6. Alio Die & Sylvi Alli: The inner sea (silver sea)
from Amidst the circling spires
7. Stratosphere with Dirk Serries: Unfold the obscurity
from In A Place Of Mutual Understanding
8. vidnaObmana: The Healing Place
from Twilight of Perception 2
9. Steve Roach: Looking For Safety (excerpt)
from Live Transmission

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