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  1. Tell Me You’ve Taken Another
  2. Inch Worm
  3. Sailor Boy
  4. Caught by a Stranger
  5. Sailor Boy (Expurgated)

A sampling of tracks from 10 Neurotics

Created for press & radio. Visit the webpage with links to the photographers & models.

Sam Rosenthal is joined by an all new band: Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls) plus vocalists Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch), Laurie Reade (Attrition) and Nicki Jaine.

“I set out to create an album that looks at our sexuality, obsessions and fetishes with a mature (rather than sensationalized) eye. Our life is a constant churning of desires, sometimes overtaking us – more often subverted, submerged & repressed. Wherein other albums I have written hint at sexuality, this time I wanted to directly confront reality: Who are we when the disguise is stripped away?” – Sam

Sam talks about the music:

1 “Tell Me You’ve Taken Another” is a song I first recorded on our 1999 album, As one aflame laid bare by desire. My idea was to take this brooding dirge, and update it as an “accessible” song that fits the 10 Neurotics mood. Brian set his mind to this task, and we ended up with something akin to The Cure’s “Fascination Street.” Athan shines on this one; the lyrical theme is a guy who likes being cuckolded.

2 “Inch Worm” is stylistically the sequel to 2004’s “Knock Three Times.” A bouncy dark-cabaretish song with Laurie’s teasing vocals. The lyrics are partially based on a pro-Ana blog a friend wrote on her mySpace page.

3 “Sailor Boy” heads off into Nick Cave / Swans territory. Athan portrays our hero whose Russian syntax hides his mistaken belief in who is the master and who is the slave. I really get a kick out of the fact that I played most of the guitars on this one and Brian played the piano; the exact opposite of past CDs when I was just the keyboard guy.

4 “Caught by a Stranger” updates the sonic style of 2002’s “All My Lovers,” bringing in an open and earthy quality. Michael Laird (Unto Ashes) provides the percussion. Laurie plays the part of a woman trying to convince her lover of the joys of exhibitionism.

5 And finally, in true neurotic style, our Quadra (4-song maxi) includes a 5th track (this detail got Shea twitchy). It’s the censored version of “Sailor Boy.” The word “shit” has been dipped out to protect the moral standards of Americans everywhere, since you KNOW nobody who listens to college radio has ever in their life really heard anyone use the word “shit.” Aghast!

Click to Join, hit send, and I’ll add you to the list. – Sam

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