Unto Ashes: PROMO28 | One World One Sky (club mix) CD-Single

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  1. One World One Sky (Club Mix) | MP3 Clip
  2. The Life Of This World | MP3 Clip

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We are down to our last 50 copies of this promotional single heralding the new Unto Ashes album: Songs for a Widow. The club mix is exclusively available on this release.

From an interview in Germany’s Sonic Seducer Magazine:
Question:You made a rather unexpected cover version on your album of Covenant ? what was the reason for you to rework this song from this totally different genre?

Michael Laird: In our approach to Covenant’s “One World One Sky” we ignored all genre distinctions, such as “electro” or whatever. We felt that in this particular song, Covenant’s music and words are incredibly powerful and magnificent: in fact, this song could actually transcend both time and place. When we stripped down the song to the melody and voices, it just seemed that this could have been an ancient anthem of some kind, perhaps a funeral dirge; or it could have been the dance of warriors on the eve of destruction. So we recorded two versions: the first is “One World (Funeral)” which is a really slowed down dirge, recorded only with hurdy-gurdy and military drums; the second version is “One World One Sky” — a wild dance of the fire-spirits, in which “We shall celebrate, with such fierce dancing, the DEATH of your institutions!”

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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