VA – Projekt Promo: PROMO21 | 2003.2

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  1. Android Lust: Stained (video edit) ~ from The Dividing
  2. Audra: Midnight Mood Swing ~ from Going to the Theatre
  3. Voltaire: The Vampire Club ~ from Boo Hoo PRO129
  4. Black tape for a blue girl: with my sorrows ~ from remnants of a deeper purity PRO68
  5. Unto Ashes: Alu Mari ~ from Empty into White PRO147
  6. Faith & Disease: She’s Got A Halo ~ from Passport to Kunming PRO146
  7. Chandeen: A Dream Within a Dream ~ from Echoes KAL5 ~ courtesy of Kalinkaland Records, Germany
  8. Arcana: Innocent Child ~ from Inner Pale Sun CMI121 ~ courtesy of Cold Meat Industry, Sweden
  9. Steve Roach: Turn to Light ~ from Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces part 2 PRO143

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2000 copies were manufactured, available from June 2003 through March 2004. Cover photos by Emanuel Dimitri Volakis | website.

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