black tape for a blue girl: PROMO16 / 2002 sampler (CD)

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  1. all my lovers
  2. floats in the updrafts
  3. kinski
  4. the green box
  5. with my sorrows

Released in 2003, in a 5″ cardboard wallet, to promote the scavenger bride.

the scavenger bride, black tape for a blue girl’s eighth release, is a lovingly crafted album that tells the darkly romantic tale of a bride-to-be’s decomposition and emotional restructuring, together with accounts of the bachelors who have wooed and lost her, all narrated by the mysterious Schavager. Set in 1913 Prague, the recurring characters and themes running throughout the thirteen songs nurture black tape for a blue girl’s first true “concept album.”

Sam Rosenthal’s layered electronics are complemented by the lovely voice of Elysabeth Grant. Grant’s sensual and moving vocals – populated by the new loves and shattered dreams of Rosenthal’s evocative lyrics – soar and scream, caress and wound. The warm baritone of Audra’s Bret Helm and crooning tenor of Spahn Ranch’s Athan Maroulis further develop the world of the scavenger bride.

black tape for a blue girl | sampler |
1 all my lovers / 2 floats in the updrafts / 3 kinski
from the scavenger bride 2002 | PRO130
4 the green box
from as one aflame laid bare by desire 1999 | PRO86
with vicki richards, violin
5 with my sorrows
from remnants of a deeper purity 1996 | PRO68
with oscar herrera, vocals & vicki richards, violin

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