VA – Projekt Promo: PROMO15 | 2002.1 (Out-of-Print)

This item is out-of-print, and here for historical purposes.

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  1. black tape for a blue girl: all my lovers ~ from the scavenger bride PRO130
  2. black tape for a blue girl: floats in the updrafts ~ from the scavenger bride PRO130
  3. audra: there are no snakes in heaven ~ from going to the theatre PRO131
  4. lycia: blue heron ~ from tripping back into the broken days PRO134
  5. this ascension: mysterium ~ from sever PRO125
  6. soul whirling somewhere: in on ~ from please sennd help PRO121
  7. steve roach: spirit moves (excerpt) ~ from streams & currents PRO128

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This was the 2002.1 installment of the “Almost Free CD” from Projekt. 2100 were printed in a 5″ cardboard wallet, in March 2002; we ran out by the end of April!

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VA – Projekt Promo



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