O Yuki Conjugate: Peyote (Cassette)

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  1. snake charm
  2. a darker belief
  3. earth loop fragment
  4. long pig
  5. alia ma
  6. dusk, dead heart
  7. still breath

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The cassette is out-of-print, we do have the Peyote CD.

A return to the power of our primitive ancestors whirling before fires and evoking the spirits. An intense aura of truths more primal and clear.

“Warm, enveloping and invigorating textures. O Yuki Conjugate create music which inhabits some netherworld between ethnic, ambient, improvised and experimental sounds. The music here is built largely on ghostly layers of percussion suggesting ceremonies of ancient worship or other tribal rites. The results are eerily affecting . . . ” -OPTION MAGAZINE.

“O Yuki Conjugate’s dark tribal ambience features aggressive rhythms and invigorating textures, moody yet melodic, with menacing undercurrents. Trance-like and inviting nonetheless, O Yuki Conjugate inhabit some netherworld between ethnic, ambient, improvised and experimental sounds. Built largely on ghostly layers of percussion, this intriguing release suggests ceremonies of ancient worship, or other tribal rites. For the hearty and courageous listener, Peyote is a musical trip well worth taking.” – Backroads Music/Heartbeats, All Music Guide

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