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Grave Blessings (2005)

  1. Tous Esforcier
  2. Winterborn
  3. Tortured by Rose Thorns
  4. In Memory of D’Drennan
  5. Emptiness
  6. The Turning
  7. Three Haiku
  8. The Drowning Man
  9. If I Come to You
  10. Lesson
  11. Four More Years
  12. Four Loom Weaver
  13. Way of the World
  14. Fruehling
  15. Banishment Spell

Songs For A Widow (2006)

  1. One World (Funeral)
  2. My Lord is Born
  3. Convivio
  4. Intacta Sum
  5. The Snow Leopard
  6. You Will Never Know
  7. Dream of the Rood
  8. The Life of this World | MP3 Clip
  9. Intermezzo
  10. Drei Todesarten | MP3 Clip
  11. Song for a Widow
  12. Occupying Force
  13. I Am Untouched
  14. In Memoriam Robert Luscombe
  15. One World One Sky [Covenant]

Burials Foretold (2012)

  1. Burials Foretold
  2. Pilzentanz
  3. She Binds Away the Night
  4. Night is Coming Soon
  5. Kathy’s Song (Apoptygma Berzerk cover)
  6. I Remember Happiness
  7. Spring Magic
  8. Piper’s Song
  9. Fire + Ice
  10. Rubine
  11. Worms’-Meat
  12. Young Men Leave for Battles Unknown
  13. Too Late to Begin
  14. Ascent + Descent
  15. Runnin’ with the Devil (Van Halen cover)

A special limited time offer. Three Unto Ashes CDs for the price of 1. Read full descriptions of each album here: Grave Blessings (4th album / 2005), Songs for a Widow (5th album / 2006) & Burials Foretold (7th album / 2012).

Grave Blessings, the fourth full-length album from Unto Ashes is easily their most powerful and emotional work to date. It is a virtual essay in “blood-lit” music, exquisitely created, performed, and recorded. Once again, Unto Ashes reveals their signature combination of sublime vocal harmonies and characteristically unorthodox instrumentation: hurdy-gurdy, dulcimers, cello, French horn, acoustic and electric guitars, and vast drums and percussion. Gothic / Medieval / Apocalyptic Folk

Songs For A Widow, the fifth full-length Unto Ashes album, is an intense and magnificent album of apocalyptic folk, medieval doom, forest metal, heavenly voices, experimental gloomscapes, military funeral choirs, and synthetic darkwave. This New York-based trio is absolutely alone in what they do. Who else besides Unto Ashes could (or would) transform Covenant’s synth-pop anthem “One World One Sky” into a mournful funeral dirge?

Among the vanguard of apocalyptic folk & neo-Medieval music, Unto Ashes’ Burials Foretold will be classed as one of the preeminent statements in this unique genre. On their seventh full-length album, band members Michael Laird, Natalia Lincoln and Ericah Hagle reunite their exceptional voices & visions, providing unsurpassed vocal harmonies. The album was performed on a broad array of Medieval & Renaissance instruments interwoven by acoustic guitar & piano. It draws upon wildly diverse influences: Medieval music, long-forgotten poets, 70s progressive rock, heavy metal, synth-pop, Arabic music and modern classical composers. A breathtaking listening experience that is at once mystical, melancholic and quite simply magnificent.

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