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1. Can’t Forgive Myself
2. I Had A Dream
3. Broken Toy (album version)
4. Another Day
5. Furnace
6. Cool
7. Push The Pedal (album version)
8. Do You Hear Me (album version)
9. Made Of Air
10. Ocean’s Breath
11. Common Decency
12. My Blues
13. Sick To The Bone

Echoes Radio’s September CD of the Month. Excerpt from Review: “The Sound of Beautiful Alienation. To say that VEiiLA is melancholic would be an understatement. But rarely is alienation rendered so beautifully and in such an original, compelling fashion. The band has called their sound ‘music for introverts,’ but it could just as well be music for the depressed, the forlorn and the oppressed. Nüte sings in a voice that can be fragile, sultry, domineering, sarcastic and heartbreaking. Their sound design is one of the most original I’ve heard.”

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Genres: Dark Cold Wave, Downtempo, Alternative Pop, Electronic, Bleak House, Dream Pop, Trip Hop, Witch House
For Fans Of: Emika, The XX, Zola Jesus, Sevdaliza
Hometown: Vanadzor, Armenia

Creating beauty and passion out of harrowing despair comes easy for Russians-in-exile VEiiLA. With immaculate electronics, slow rhythms, and female vocals flush with late-night sensuality, the duo of Bes and Vif crafts an entwining melancholia with devastating existential lyrics.

VEiiLA's second studio album, Sentimental Craving For Beauty, is the artistic equivalent of a Venus flytrap — hidden under seductive layers of mellow electronics, translucent guitars, soft enthralling percussion, synth bass and Vif's tantalizing, alluring vocals dwell the paralyzing vapors of venomous despair, hopelessness and ultimate surrender to the unavoidable and inevitable pain of human existence.

Disguised as relaxing downtempo music, VEiiLA leans towards Schopenhauerian pessimism where one does not conquer the pain; verily submission to pain is the only answer to a world that is made of suffering.

This grim outlook isn't based on mere musings of the poet's soul. When Russia invaded Ukraine, not willing to support the ugly war and the horrible autocratic regime, Vif Nüte and Bes Eirid packed their lives in a couple of suitcases, left their homes and embarked on a journey without destination. Calling themselves in the fashion of the late Kurt Vonnegut “a band without a country,” as modern Russian dissidents they taste the bitter liquor of disappointment blended with a healthy dose of morbid, soul-crushing realization: the world is in fact as ugly as it gets.

What followed was a period of wandering through Armenia living in strange hotels and apartments and slowly drowning in depression.

VEiiLA is pronounced "Vay-la." It's a stylized reference to a Baltic mountain-dwelling demon that lures men into her cave by singing and then devours them.

August 18 • Digital Single • "Can’t Forgive Myself" b/w "Another Day"

At the time of their exodus VEiiLA had half an album recorded. There was the name too, Sentimental Craving For Beauty, which (traditionally a literary reference, this time to Galsworthy's Forsyte Saga) initially meant something bright and hopeful to the band.

Having their life shattered in pieces, however, it also put some distance between the artists and their creative work. In short, nothing made sense anymore. And so the album was thrown into the fire. After a while though, new inspiration came, new songs were written and the line “sentimental craving for beauty” appeared to present a different side: when everything falls into ruin, when nothing good is left, the only thing that keeps one going is this craving.

Thus the album rose from the ashes in a purer rectified form.

Musically VEiiLA charted a new direction, re-inventing their style with a bare minimalist palette of sounds. Instead of taking a well-worn path of lush studio production, Vif and Bes focused on writing songs that could be played live in real time with their own four hands, a drum machine and a vocal looper. This resulted in a stripped down production with only a few occasional extra layers. The recent addition of electric guitar with Vif's distinct yet subdued styling added fresh textures to their sound.

This updated minimalism cleared even more space for the intimate vocals' hypnotic swirl, murmuring their introspective allegories of universal indifference and lost hope.

As VEiiLA themselves put it: “We wanted to simply find some ground and not fall into the abyss. We just couldn't breathe, couldn't sleep, and we needed something not to go insane. So we spent more time playing the instruments and less time staring at the screen, and somehow the album wrote itself. It was a good distraction. Is it more than that? Maybe it will speak to someone, inspire someone, or at least make some miserable wretch across the globe — who like Steppenwolf is torn between fear and the razor — feel less lonely, knowing that there are at least two souls of the same sort on this planet.”

Projekt release: September 8 2023

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Echoes Radio

    The Sound of Beautiful Alienation, VEiiLA’s Sentimental Craving for Beauty, Echoes September CD of the Month.

    Some musicians just seem to live in a world of alienation, loss and depression. The best of them, Lana Del Rey, The Cure, Joy Division and Billie Eilish, bring those emotions to us, affirming thoughts and feelings that many often have but don’t speak. They affirm while also showing defiance. VEiiLA is a duo that brings an added layer to those expressions. They are Russian émigrés who fled their country in protest of the authoritarian regime and the invasion of Ukraine. Seeking some kind of solace, they wound up in Armenia.

    Vif Nüte and Bes Eirid began crafting their music in 2015 in St. Petersburg, using Eirid’s bargain synthesizers and the voice and guitar of Vif Nüte. Their debut album, Nation of One, came out in 2020, but they made some quantum strides during the pandemic and their subsequent journey, and it all comes together on the album, Sentimental Craving for Beauty.

    The band has called their sound “music for introverts,” but it could just as well be music for the depressed, the forlorn and the oppressed. Nüte sings in a voice that can be fragile, sultry, domineering, sarcastic and heartbreaking. Sometimes she sounds like a broken woman herself, possibly insane. That’s the sound of “Another Day,” a song of deceit and self-loathing, where the voice moves from wistfulness to knowing sarcasm. It’s a voice with a wide range, as you can tell when she leaps high on “Made of Air.”

    “Can’t forgive myself” is a powerful opening to the album as Nüte sings of hypocrisy. Could this be a song of failed love or is it a political commentary? It’s delivered with an imperious voice over a syncopated drum track, growling bass bottom and chirping synths.

    Their sound design is one of the most original I’ve heard. It’s Depeche Mode doing Twin Peaks but with a much more interesting rhythmic approach. Relatively spare, the songs mix 50’s reverb guitar, percolating and ping-ponging synths and rhythm tracks that aren’t simple loops. They’re syncopated and exploded across stereo fractures. Nüte’s guitar is an unusual touch in this electronic grove-scape. Although she uses an Ibanez, it sounds like a Telecaster sent through spring reverb with a modern digital. When she plays the downward slides on “Another Day” you can hear echoes of the Twin Peaks score and late 50s rock. Strip away the vocals, put on headphones and you could get joyously lost in just the instrumental side of this music.

    Then there is the distinctive voice of Vif Nüte. She’s not one of those ethereal electronica girls. She has power and authority. There is an accent in her voice, but it sounds less Russian and more affected much like Lana Del Rey, which she sounds a lot like on “Broken Toy.” Another song of alienation, “Broken Toy” is not about her living in a foreign land but “not fitting in with my tribe with my kind.” Written in 2020 prior to the war and emigration, it’s easy to read her disaffection with the Russian autocracy.

    Nüte is working out a lot of deep, and possibly traumatic emotions here. Songs like “Do You Hear Me” are clearly pleas for recognition and acknowledgement, which she doesn’t believe is forthcoming. Alienation is again, at the root of her psyche when it spills out on “My Blues,” a song of luxurious desolation.

    There’s a goth influence in this music. It rises up from the tomb on songs like “Cool” where Nüte sings in a gruff, dragging voice, intoning “I see right through you. You’ve got no clue,” before releasing a popish chorus.

    The intro of “Push the Pedal” reminded me of the intro to Spooky Tooth’s “Lost in My Dream” with its low rumble, backwards effects, and staccato strings. It all slips into an eight-note wordless vocal loop, as synths swirl in and Nüte begins intoning her need to “get away.” I’d normally interpret this as a break-up song, but in VEiiLA’s case, it seems much more political.

    To say that VEiiLA is melancholic would be an understatement. But rarely is alienation rendered so beautifully and in such an original, compelling fashion. Bes Eirid and Vif Nüte have taken us inside their heads, inside the internal conversations you don’t say out loud, but they do, in a perfectly articulated sonic landscape. There is no sentimentality in Sentimental Craving for Beauty, but they are yearning for beauty and they attain it. THE END

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