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1: Mountain Meditation
2: Rain Meditation
3: Whirling Meditation
4: Prana Meditation
5: Sunset Meditation (in the West)
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Alluring and suggestive, serene and stimulating, intimate and devout, The Disciple’s Meditation is beautiful healing music born from Mark’s reverent playing of the divine instrument — the Bansuri flute. With melodic variations on traditional Indian ragas and entrancing percussive grooves, the five sensuous tracks elevate the body, mind and spirit.

Evocative whispers fill the ears, sweet sound floats through the air to be breathed in as much as heard. The music’s calming nature is a balm from an eternal source. Breathe deeper and each breath brings a greater sense of awareness. Surrender to the sound as the tabla beats move you. The mantra fills the body, breathing is deep and circular, time becomes elastic; become one with the sound…

Sixty-seven minutes of music for deep meditation, yoga practice, spiritual and heart-centered disciplines.

The Disciple’s Meditation is Mark’s third solo album and the third release in the Disciple Series. Mark explains, “The first, Disciple, honors the interweaving of flute and human voice: Guru Mantras by female Indian vocalists blend with the flute to create a deep sense of devotion. The second, The Disciple’s Path, continues with some of these elements but a stronger focus on steady drumming while the soundscapes reflect the mystifying and challenging aspects of a disciple’s path. The Disciple’s Meditation brings this series to maturity. The percussion grooves reflect the beat of life, the heartbeat, the earth; the ever-present drones and their effect of equanimity and serenity expand the calm waters of meditative states of consciousness. Above it all – as if hovering over calm waters – the flute and its long breath is the expression of spirit, much as in old testament Hebrew, ‘we ruach Elohim merachefet al peneh tehom’ (‘and the spirit of goddess hovered above the waters’).”

Mark Seelig’s music is part of his Gesamtkunstwerk (’total art work’): a life devoted to learning humanity’s sacred customs and rituals of all races and times in the pursuit of raising consciousness. To this end, Mark works in academia, transpersonal psychotherapy, neo-shamanic ceremonial work, and music. The Disciple Series is recorded with the intention of supporting people in processes of transformation; it’s specifically crafted to help facilitate settings of ceremonial work, breathwork and meditation.

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Artist Bio:

With over 19 albums in collaboration with Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, Loren Nerell, and Andres Condon, Mark has developed a wide body of diverse recorded work.

Born in 1957, Mark felt a fascination with the world’s spiritual traditions from an early age. His interests have taken him to India, the USA, South America, and Germany. After many years of therapeutic and academic training Mark left the scholarly world behind. The influence of Asian mysticism and spirituality, South American ceremonial rituals, and the musical traditions of India have worked their magic on his life in many humbling ways. In 1999 at age 42 Mark’s focus shifted. During a deep vision quest, he felt encouraged to take up the North Indian bamboo Bansuri flute. This was a rather late age for picking up a new instrument, yet he took the plunge; for 10 years he studied as a disciple of Indian Bansuri maestro R.K. Bikramjit Singh.

In his work with groups and individuals as a clinical psychotherapist and in private practice, Mark embraces the approaches of Transpersonal Psychotherapy and indigenous ritual traditions. He facilitates breathwork and shamanic rituals in which he uses music and non-ordinary states of consciousness to create a space of ceremony and healing. Mark’s music and work is offered hoping to make a small contribution to raising consciousness. May we all learn to face our shadows, honor our skills, and live in harmony with each other and the universe.

A part of the proceeds from Mark’s work supports the Lakota Waldorf School on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

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