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1 Cull
2 Fifth Sun
3 Sky And Sea
4 Fall Down In The Sun
5 End Day Again
6 We Sleep In Winter
7 North Town
8 The Dreaming Body

CD — 4-panel digipak. Limited edition of 1000.

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“For me,” Mike VanPortfleet recalls, “Fifth Sun was a merging of my early 80s post-punk roots and Tara’s late 80s / early 90s Lush / Curve / Cranes / Cure influences. I also see it as Lycia’s second era’s Wake… something that followed a long period of inactivity or unfulfilled ideas and something that preceded a more realized period to come. I also see it as a sister release to Estrella, though obviously guitar oriented instead.”

“For most of the 00s, I really struggled with my confidence as a writer, engineer, musician and vocalist,” Mike continues. After releasing very little music during that period, “In the summer of 2009 I decided to start working on new material again. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be Lycia or not, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever even release it. It was just about creating again and enjoying music again. I wanted to go back to my post-punk roots so I just programmed drums and played guitar and bass. I spent the next half year or so just recording and re-recording, and I didn’t involve Tara until all the songs were done. It revived my confidence as a writer, musician and engineer. I was still struggling with my vocals, and I still was in that Estrella-mindset of wanting to be a musician first, and having Tara as the main vocalist. So her involvement started and it officially became a Lycia project.”


The ultra-limited LYCIA | 4 4CD box set contains 2010’s Fifth Sun, 2013’s Quiet Moments, 2015’s A Line That Connects and 2018’s In Flickers. All four second era LYCIA albums are in DigiPaks (no additional booklets or music.)

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For customers who bought In Flickers on CD last year, the USA Webstore is making this hard box available as a 3CD set. It does not include In Flickers… but it’s the same box, so there’s a space to put your copy in the box. This is not available from the European store.

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