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Aurelio Voltaire: Heart-Shaped Wound (CD) (preOrder, expected early September)

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1 The Projectionist
2 Human Nature
3 Leaves in the Stream
4 Butterfly
5 In Disguise
6 The Ones Who’ve Hurt You
7 Hallelujah
8 The Necropolis of Former Lovers
9 The Folly of Love
10 A Romantic Guy
11 The Necropolis of Former Lovers
(Midnight in the Mausoleum Mix)


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Dark cabaret artist Aurelio Voltaire leaves the vampires, zombies and murder ballads behind for a heart-wrenching collection of songs about love gained and love lost. His eleventh studio album (and first Projekt release in a decade) sees Voltaire crafting his most mature and passionate release to date.

Throughout his 20-year career Voltaire has danced on the dark side with a sardonic smile, penning such tunes as “Zombie Prostitute” “Cannibal Buffet” and “Vampire Club.” He’s best known for “When You’re Evil” (from 1999’s debut The Devil’s Bris), a jaunty celebration of naughtiness befitting a Disney villain (as evidenced by the scores of Disney villain fan videos on youTube set to the song.) Also a classic track, “Brains!” (from 2002’s Boo Hoo) recounts an evil meteor hungry for human brains and was featured on the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

With a reputation for macabre, tongue-in-cheek skewering of everything from religion to the Goth scene to Star Trek and Star Wars, Voltaire has his serious side, too. Every once in a while someone comes along and breaks his heart, and the result is an album of gut-wrenching songs. His 2002 outing, Boo Hoo, was described by Projekt as “a breakup record for lonely hearts with an ax to grind.” Well, it’s happened again! Heart~Shaped Wound goes past an 8.9 on the heartbreak scale. The result of a short but tumultuous three-month relationship – the first after his divorce in 2013 – Voltaire found himself writing new songs that were earnest, brimming with anguish, regret and yearning.
Known for releasing an album a year, Aurelio Voltaire spent three years crafting Heart~Shaped Wound in between his hectic touring schedule. Defying classification, the album drifts seamlessly from Goth rock to folk, from saxophone-fueled torch songs to guitar driven indie-rock. There’s even an intense heavy metal ballad, “Leaves in the Stream,” a duet sung with Arch Enemy frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz. 

Aurelio Voltaire returns to Projekt, bringing with him 20 years of genre-defying musical storytelling. Often sarcastic, sometimes serious, always uniquely… Voltaire.

This album will be shipping around the time of Voltaire’s appearance at DragonCon. Catch Aurelio Voltaire on tour throughout the month of August. He writes:

The Sweet 16 Tour ~ 2017!

I’m on tour all over the USA right now with my friends Bella Morte!
Sixteen years ago, I performed with Bella Morte for the first time at an event called Masquerade 3 in Pittsburgh, PA (with another band we remain friends with, The Cruxshadows). Since then we have crossed paths scores of times and played many shows together. More importantly, we’ve remained the best of friends and collaborate on each other’s projects. I have written the forward in Andy Deane’s books and he has played keyboards on my latest album. After sixteen years of friendship and spooky comradery, we are still going strong! And since we each have new albums on the immediate horizon, we’ve decided to take to the road together for a full US tour. Two of the things we share is that we are among some of the happiest and friendliest spooky dudes you could ever hope to meet. We look forward to sharing our dark but uplifting songs with fans across the country as we celebrate 16 years of friendship, touring and dark music!!!
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