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1 Crescent Moon
2 Mountain Range
3 Venture 1
4 Venture 2
5 Unfolding
6 In Slow Time
7 End of the River
8 Closing Theme/Exit Music
total time: 48:58

Cinematic’s nearly fifty minutes of melodic mesmerizing electronic music is shimmeringly sweeping and emotionally engaging. The eight song collection remixes and blends previously unreleased material (from 1998 through 2003) created as soundtracks for video, documentary film and multimedia. The melodic synth and guitar-based electronic/ambient music guides the listener through diverse, cinematic perspectives. The expansive rhythmic sequencer-based sections intersperse with ambient zones and soaring electric guitar textures. These are soundscapes created to complement a story or an event, yet still possess their own self-containing inner life.

“Scoring for other media is a quite different experience from composing for album releases,” Erik reflects. “It forces me to take different artistic solutions when diving into other’s creative worlds. Often this makes the music more passionate, adventurous and storytelling than what I usually compose. These pieces show the depth and beauty of the process. I have a lot of material from these years in my archives; after some intense studio sessions and reflecting back, I found that these tracks sort of belonged together. They all have a boundless, sonorous and textural character. Sometimes very rhythmic, sometimes very ambient and abstract. Aural landscapes that possess a sense of drama, full of feeling and powerfully evocative.”

Wollo’s signature use of shining, consonant chord structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design give Cinematic its adventurous and vibrant character.

All songs, edited, remixed and remastered in 2017.
Cover artwork & design by Michael R Pletz | website

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First CD edition: September 15 2017

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CD, 2 pack (Cinematic CD + Steve Roach Long Thoughts CD), 3 pack (Cinematic CD + Steve Roach Long Thoughts CD & Nostalgia for the Future CD)

\"Crescent Moon\" Video

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Darkroom

    Ormai stabilmente accasato alla corte della rinomata Projekt, il norvegese Erik Wøllo rilascia l’ennesima fatica in 37 anni di onorata carriera, emblematicamente intitolata Cinematic. Questo perché ‘cinematica’ è l’indole del suono del chitarrista e compositore scandinavo: soundscapes dalle fattezze avvolgenti e luminose, ‘ambientronica’ che si muove fra la sottigliezza delle linee droniche e la suadente eleganza di ritmi accomodanti che non hanno timore di fare incursione in territori più etnici, con al centro la chitarra nelle sue più stimolanti varianti. Per l’occasione Wøllo recupera brani inediti del periodo 1998-2003 – editandoli, remixandoli, rimasterizzandoli e racchiudendoli in un essenziale diggipack – inizialmente creati per video, documentari ed altri progetti multimediali, seducendo e incantando ancora una volta con la forza espressiva di una scrittura in cui l’idea di fondo non è un tema reiterato ad oltranza attorno al quale costruire gli arrangiamenti, ma solo lo spunto iniziale per un suono capace di progressioni ritmico/melodiche sempre avvincenti. In tal senso già l’iniziale “Crescent Moon”, con le sue melodie placide e luminose, si rivela esemplificativa, al pari della successiva “Mountain Range” e delle sue sontuose spirali evolutive. La maestria di Erik nel dar forma alla materia downtempo emerge con la classe che gli riconosciamo in una “Venture 1” che svela un calore etnico, laddove “Venture 2” poggia su di un più scarno magnetismo pulsante. L’arpeggio che guida la dolce “Unfolding” trasuda grande pathos nelle sua essenzialità, mentre “In Slow Time” apre all’insegna di un’ambient che emoziona nelle sue fini modulazioni, evolvendo poi sull’onda dei synth e delle percussioni. “End Of The River” è invece devota esclusivamente all’ambient, lasciando fuori dalla porta ritmi e crescendo melodici, mentre la conclusiva “Closing Theme/Exit Music”,coi suoi ritmi suadenti e le melodie avvolgenti, è un manifesto ideale delle prerogative sonore di un artista forte di uno stile ormai inconfondibile. Un lavoro che al solito non mancherà di deliziare i sostenitori del navigato musicista nordico, ma perfetto anche per eventuali novizi. -Roberto Alessandro Filippozzi

  2. Reviews Editor

    From Synth & Sequences

    Erik Wollo is in mode hyper productivity. In fact, since 2011 the Norwegian Electro band has launched on the market not less than 17 albums, E.P. and others collaboration albums. That’s a lot! And nevertheless, if we like the kind, each of them found its reason in the bottom of our ears. And another peak was reached with the huge Different Spaces. A double album released on the Projekt label on last March. Was there enough inspiration to pursue on this prolific momentum with Cinematic? Without turning upside down nor reinventing his style his style, Erik Wollo offers us another beautiful album filled of soft rhythms and decorated of landscapes as much tenebrous than his melodies can be so nostalgic. A little like in some of his last works, Wollo has dig in his vaults and has find a series of compositions written between 1998 and 2003 that he remixed and remastered for his 23rd album.

    A rising wave coming from the west of our listening and which floats of its bluish membrane opens “Crescent Moon” and answers adequately to our waits. Amerindian percussions catch onto a line of organic pulsation which is croaking among the felted clapping of metallic banging. Minimalist, the line of rhythm is weaved by percussive jerks which support this interbreeding of synth and guitar and of their harmonies always so enigmatic and so dear to Erik Wollo’s signature. These harmonies dance with reverberations in the tone and float with this line which brought “Crescent Moon” towards daylight. Another guitar weaves a line of riffs which gallops like a stroboscopic shiver while from all over come very good guitar solos and chants from a synth guitar which gives a shade so particular to the music of the Norwegian musician. This depicts the content of Cinematic. Without changing anything of his recipe, the music of Erik Wollo always possesses this intuitive touch which makes it so unique. We listen to the soundscapes of “Mountain Range”, of the very beautiful and melancholic “Unfolding”, of “End of the River” and of “In Slow Time” like we devoured those of Elevations, Airborne or yet Blue Radiance. Thus, there are few surprises like there is no disappointment, or no filling or if you prefer no music without soul. Nothing has changed and everything is always so beautiful. Certainly, there are more vibrating titles which are the witnesses that the Norwegian bard still has pleasant surprises for us in his small box of creativity. “Crescent Moon” is very beautiful, but the superb “Venture 1” is even more splendid with this fascinating voice of astral mermaid on a beautiful down-tempo structure which is perfumed of a thousand and one charms from this fusion synth/guitar. This is a wonderful title which outclasses, and by far, the very gloomy “Venture 2” and its fascinating unreal chants in a structure of dark vibes but where the rhythm tries to stir up disorder in the background. A title which brings me back to the atmospheres of Arcadia Borealis. With its vigor and its very serene, even joyful, spirit “Closing Theme/Exit Music” tries to keep Cinematic on the path of caravan peoples on the move who are happy to conquer new spaces. The rhythm is lively and the loops of harmonies swirl in order to root down a melody which is an eater of tympans in the nostalgia of the wandering musical winds. The line of bass reminds me of a very modest Patrick O’ Hearn and the melodies of six-strings which float like the last vestiges of a specter, are to unstitch those threads which tightens the harshness of our soul. Beautiful! And a wonderful way to concluding another beautiful album where the music of Erik Wollo always finds grace between our selective ears which are seduced beforehand. -Sylvain Lupari

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