As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Monolith (Plexibox)

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1 Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio Antenna 07:23
2 Moon-skimmer 18:01
3 Manoeuvring over the Jupiter monolith 06:51
4 A long, dark corridor filled with lights. A memory. And then a bright room with air. 40:44

Limited edition of 75 – this is the Über limited Plexibox edition (CD in DVD-sized digipak inside Plexiglass box). There is also a standard limited edition available.

We made 312 copies of the CD-in-DVD-sized Digipak. 139 of these were autographed & numbered. 75 of those went inside the über-limited plexibox edition. About 25 of the run had small printing flaws and Sam pulled them aside for promo.

A 73-minute electronic space music album from Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s founder, Sam Rosenthal.

Unlike Sam’s work in Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Dave Bowman is full-on electronic music: droning space, wordless drift with long suspended passages. Covering Bowman’s journey to the Monolith near Jupiter, the album touches the edges of isolation and glacial solitude, with a discernible warm human core. MONOLITH’s epic expanses, asteroid flybys, serene ambient moments, vast open textures, and warmer hues of sparse remoteness are barren, yet without leaving the listener abandoned. Think of it as drone insulation rather than drone isolation.

This album was given away as a free download at It is up for just $4, for a limited time.

This album was funded by my generous supporters on Kickstarter.


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This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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