All my faith lost… Redefine my pure faith

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1 redefine pure faith
2 dulcinea
3 the broken glass
4 the rope
5 russia
6 again, to drift (for veronika)

The physical version of this lovely release is now sold out.

Projekt celebrates its 300th release with a loving homage to Black tape for a blue girl from Italy’s All my faith lost… Redefine my pure faith is extremely limited, with only 134 copies available from Projekt. Don’t miss out on your copy.

Coinciding with the vinyl release of Blacktape’s Remnants of a Deeper purity, the ethereal neo-classical All my faith lost… takes a loving look back as they re-interpret six songs in their particular style: fragile, ethereal, otherwordly, melancholic, innocent, and beautiful. The classical instrumentation of acoustic guitar, violin and cello is graced by heavenly female and earthy male vocals. Slow, emotional progressions that captivate the listener, drawing them into a subtle and hypnotic embrace.

Vocalist/instrumentalist Viola and vocalist/guitarist Federico explain, “Without Blacktape, All my faith lost… music would not have been the same; a sort of tribute to such an influential band was due. All my faith lost… take Blacktape songs and dismantle them, pulling out the heart and the core of each track and redefining them following our own vision.”

Released in a limited edition of 200, Redefine my pure faith is a unique collection of songs that will enthrall fans of both bands. It’s a perfect recording for those late night moments when you are most honest with yourself.

Are you ready to redefine your pure faith?

Release Date: April 15, 2014 / Out-of-Print May 30, 2014

Two fan reviews from Bandcamp:

wonderdog: Stunningly beautiful. Reminiscent of 4AD’s This Mortal Coil and, even though it’s classed as Sadcore, it somehow lifts as well.

Brian Bourassa: Although a complete departure from my “usual” venue, the wonderful harmonic vocals are captivating and deserve a place in my collection. A beautiful work!

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Factory Worker Media

    Released almost a year ago, these six reinterpretations of songs by Black Tape For A Blue Girl, the flagship darkwave band of Projekt Records’ label founder Sam Rosenthal, possess a delicate and sombre beauty in the hands of this ethereal goth-folk outfit from northern Italy. These treatments ignite Rosenthal’s bleak, anguished lyrics with a warmth akin to nostalgia, courtesy of Viola Roccagli’s and Federico Salvador’s tranquil vocal contributions; and, although the gossamer threads of acoustic guitar are accompanied by mournful synths, cello, and violin, these arrangements arouse a sense of emotional maturity and depth that, if not entirely optimistic, is at least pragmatic in its adherence to the hope that time can bring light to our darkest moments. “Dulcinea” best illustrates this complexity – Roccagli enounces the song’s sparse, repetitive lyrics with poetic musicality while a wash of guitar and synths fills the background with a wistful brightness. Then as now, this EP edged its way into regular rotation at the seasons’ turn last spring and autumn; well worth revisiting. -Shane Lange

  2. Reviews Editor

    From Gothic Paradise

    Back and at it again, this talented group have brought together this beautiful tribute EP spotlighting one of their greatest influences Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Featuring six spell-binding tracks, this neo-classical, ethereal project sheds new light on some of these classics that we’ve grown to lover over the years.

    As the title would imply, this EP wouldn’t be complete with a cover of “Redefine Pure Faith” featuring Federico’s somber vocals over the mesmerizing, soft strings that form the foundation for many of these pieces. “Dulcinea” appears next with Viola’s hauntingly soft and beautiful vocals caressing the soul of the listener, again accompanied by soft and beautiful guitar and string arrangements. The mix of both male and female vocals on the EP, spotlights some of the strengths that we’ve enjoyed from Black Tape for a Blue Girl, while this duo systematically disects and restructures each of these pieces. Not merely being a copy of the original, we’re presented with a unique perspective that is captivating and enjoyable.

    The album moves along delving into the various emotional pieces “The Broken Glass” with its strumming guitar providing much of the back-drop to the angst-ridden vocals and lyrics, while “The Rope” becomes a true new classic from this group. Previously released on the re-release of the album of the same name and a definite favorite with the violin singing it’s haunting tune over the guitar for a back-drop to the mesmerizing mix of male and female vocals. “Russia” is formed in much the same way featuring violin, guitar and other strings either organic or synthesized, coming together beautifully and fading softly into the finale. The ending is perfect with a definite favorite of mine “Again, To Drift (for Veronika)”. Again they put their own somber twist on it, replacing piano with guitar and spoken word for a new masterpiece.

    You can’t go wrong with these original masterpieces from an influential band such as Black Tape for a Blue Girl, so it’s not small task or feat to pull it off so nicely as this duo does with this EP. I say “well done!” and invite the reader to explore this project and this EP for some wonderful new takes on great classics. Rating: 4.5/5 -Jacob

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