lovesliescrushing: Ghost Colored Halo (Digital)

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  1. Blemished Sunspot
  2. The Tiger Hunts Alone
  3. Darklit And Crow
  4. The Wounds That Won’t Heal
  5. Whitening Glos
  6. Ghost Colored
  7. Blacklight Thundering Halo

Limited edition of 500 | Less than 50 copies left

Ghost Colored Halo is the 10th lovesliescrushing release. Somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and ambient music, the duo of Scott Cortez and Melissa Arpin-Duimstra has been crafting lo-fi dreamscapes since the fall of 1991. Melissa’s angelic vocals and voice fragments loop within a cavernous space upon Scott’s cascading guitar waves of immense, billowing, ethereal, colorburst. Focused on radiant, glacial-paced, droning textures, the guitars and voices are manipulated to abstraction by pedals; Scott coaxes textures from his guitar to create long colorfield washes, polychromic drones, glitchy echoed loops, and minimal melodic passages while Melissa filters herself through echo boxes, truly playing her voice as instrument to infuse the tracks with glossolalic cascades.

Lovesliescrushing has finally nailed down their signature sound made famous on their 1993 debut bloweyelashwish. For over two decades, they have been sculpting sound designs from an array of vintage stompboxes, guitars, voices and analog 4 track tape machines. Scott and Melissa have not recorded ‘together’ in over a decade and Ghost Colored Halo marks their return to music making. What makes this sonic document unique is that it is recorded in one long take at Melissa’s home. The tracks were done live, no overdubs, straight to analog tape. This is the first time they have worked in this way and it was Melissa’s suggestion that they record in this manner, a departure from the usual method of recording music first and then adding vocals hours, days or years later. It was the right choice and will be the template for future work.

Wave upon wave of vocal exhalations echo within swirling colossi of guitar-generated haze. Melodic lines twinkle and blur amidst masses buried beneath thick layers of reverb, tape hiss, and warm overdriven fuzz.

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