mira: the echo lingers on (demos, outtakes and rehearsals) (CD) #CDSale

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  1. something ventured | MP3 Clip
  2. real | MP3 Clip
  3. even now | MP3 Clip
  4. creation | MP3 Clip
    from the something ventured ep
  5. truly | MP3 Clip
    early version
  6. for now | MP3 Clip
  7. it happens anyway | MP3 Clip
    outtake from debut record
  8. space | MP3 Clip
  9. london dungeon | MP3 Clip
  10. untitled | MP3 Clip
    live rehearsal
  11. in the end | MP3 Clip
    early version. from ….forward

“The comparisons to The Cranberries are rather unmistakable at first listen and influences that range from Slowdive and The Cocteau Twins to early Cardigans (minus the kitsch) span the entire album. Savor the record and it brings on an insidious, poisonous falling into guitar-wound songs washed with vocalist Regina Sosinski’s soaring-into-the-depths soprano. “Real” inches forward with Sosinki’s ominous pondering and a poignant guitar melody before exploding into erratic, dark bursts of percussion-backed chorus.”-Spin.com

“A guitar-heavy shoegaze backdrop behind a beautiful female voice, hovering like a red angel and instilling both fear and devotion.” -BIG TAKEOVER #44

Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal writes: In celebration of the 11th anniversary of Mira’s 2000 debut, I asked guitarist Tom Parker to gather together this compilation of Mira songs. Back before the first album, the early “Mira demos” were constantly spinning in my CD player. Dramatic, passionate shoegazer with Regina’s heartfelt vocals. When the band put together the debut, they re-recorded the tracks. And while they were cleaner and a bit catchier, there was always something I loved about the rawer, slower and darker side to the early versions of the material that later appeared on the debut. Also included are three live rehearsals for the apart tour.

Mira’s Tom Parker adds: This record is a recollection of some of the lesser-heard moments of Mira’s history. It starts with visiting the band’s beginnings, with a remastered version of their first recordings, the Something Ventured EP. From there, it takes us through some early versions of album tracks and previously unreleased outtakes. Then, the record finishes with a few more rarities found on rehearsal tapes. These offer a glimpse of Mira’s energetic live performance captured during the height of their touring days, as well as some rarities such as a Misfits cover, and a rehersal of a song that never made it onto the There I Go Daydreamer… record.

The first four, from the Something Ventured EP, are remastered versions of the original demos that ultimately got Mira signed to Projekt. “Truly,” an early version of the album track from the debut record, was recorded just after the Something Ventured EP was done, and just before “Cayman” was recorded. “For Now,” is Mira’s oldest written song, and was an unfinished outtake from the debut. “It Happens Anyway” also was an outtake from the debut album, but appeared on the Dry EP; another one of Mira’s homemade demo CDs. Turning to slighly more recent times, a live-rehersal version of “Space” from Apart, recovered from a rehearsal tape recorded in Mira’s rehearsal space, around the time of their east coast tour suporting the Apart album. “London Dungeon,” a cover of a Misfits song, was also recovered from those tapes, was performed live only once at a friend’s wedding reception. A rough version of a never-finished song, survives here as “Untitled”, and was originally intended as an intro to a There I Go Daydreamer… song, “Say When.” It is a curiosity for any hard-core Mira fan, and provides a brief glimpse into our writing process. Finally, an early version of “In The End” from the debut album appears, to close things down once again.

Mira A Floridian light in the darkwave tunnel.

Listening to the melancholy songs of Mira, it’s hard to believe the band reside in Tallahassee, Florida. Sun, fun and college parties don’t usually encourage somber introspection, but away from the local clubs and bars featuring hard rock and ska bands, Mira’s wounded lyrics and lush guitars have attracted quite a following.

“I don’t really know why people like our songs,” says singer Regina Sosinski. “I think they identify with the emotion and the music, because we are definitely not a band people come and mosh to.”

The quartet’s eponymous debut (on Projekt) sounds more like a Slowdive-inspired soundtrack for nights of quiet contemplation. The swirling guitars of Tom Parker and Mark Davidson and the downtempo percussion of Alan Donaldson provide the backdrop for Sosinski’s yearning vocals.

“I tend to be more withdrawn, and that’s something I’ve been dealing with lately,” says the singer. “Trying to open up and tear down internal boundaries I have and realize we are all the same inside.”

After exploring the mournful depths of the human soul, what direction will Mira take next? “Our songs are getting happier,” Sosinski says. “I’m just not in a down period of my life now. The new stuff will be more about people and life.”
— David Slatton

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