Lovesliescrushing: girl. echo. suns. veils. (burlap) (Out-of-print)

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This is the (sold out) 200 piece limited edition. We still have a few CDs of the standard edition.”

  1. babys breath (original version) | MP3 Clip
  2. spidery velvet | MP3 Clip
  3. wallflower (original version) | MP3 Clip
  4. seahorse | MP3 Clip
  5. elephai
  6. blood jewel drop
  7. feathermouth
  8. blurskin
  9. deolah
  10. sugarglow
  11. lips to kiss
  12. aviatrix
  13. kittenmother
  14. webbed
  15. winglike
  16. mothduster
  17. goldenfur | MP3 Clip

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Note: We are now sold out of the burgundy bags. You will receive a bag with metallic silver paint.

Many of you missed out on a chance to purchase the wood box edition of girl. echo. suns. veils. But fret not! Scott Cortez has returned to Brooklyn to create 200 pieces of the ultra-limited “burlap” edition of the standard edition.
Here’s what you get: the girl. echo. suns. veils. CD in a kraft-paper digipak. An 8-page booklet printed on really nice 80# Cougar matte stock is included in the digipak pocket. All of this is in a clear bag inside a burlap bag that Scott spray-painted in our warehouse during a heatwave in burgundy or metallic silver. Each bag is different; no two are alike! Also in the bag are multicolored origami birds & feathers.

space/ambient/drone from a veteran progenitor. scott cortez’s guitar is processed nearly to the point of unrecognizability, leaving behind veils and walls of shimmery droning bliss. glossolalic female voice glides spectral and luminescent through the walls of sound; sheets of noise; glossy, ethereal. lovesliescrushing makes noise sound beautiful.
leave all the accidents: find beauty in grit, in dust, in noise. in the mess.
formed in 1991, lovesliescrushing took the my bloody valentine / cocteau twin template and added a new twist: turning the formula inside out by using the detritus, the residue from other songs, the scraps of a song, a single note, a single chord here, a melody there or a dense wall of guitar. take the parts most bands consider throwaway accidents, filler, those little parts between songs on loveless and work them to reveal their realization as a full-blown song. ‘the formula’ is simple, almost childlike. remove the drums, the bass, use no synths or keyboards, remove all of the typical rock/pop shoegaze trappings, use what is left and record on a 4 track porta-studio. simple.

that they were able to weave this all together, despite removing everything, would have made most bands run in terror. yet in that manner, lovesliescrushing found its sound.
girl. echo. suns. veils. gathers music from the vast backlog of the lovesliescrushing library. some of it has appeared before, some of it is unreleased. all of this material was reworked and perfected by cortez until he decided it was ready for release. the music is almost two decades old, but sounds like it was recorded yesterday by one of a handful of newgaze, ambient bands (fennes, belong) that have become stylish recently. llc sounds completely contemporary, and yet llc was doing it back in the early 90s, without studios, without laptops! perhaps that is the most shocking aspect to their music. it is a testament to the work of lovesliescrushing, an obscure band that could and did.
lovesliescrushing can sound like a jet engine tuned to an am radio station tuned to an orchestra tuning up or a gigantic blurry drone cloud.
girl. echo. suns. veils. is a comprehensive look at an invisible band’s influence on the space/ambient/drone scene.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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