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  1. I Am Echo | MP3 Clip
  2. Dead Adults | MP3 Clip
  3. The Ice King
  4. A World We Pretend | MP3 Clip
  5. A-Wake
  6. Retainer Maintainer
  7. The Puppeteers | MP3 Clip
  8. Delusions Of Us
  9. Something Beautiful
  10. Melancholy Crush | MP3 Clip

The Twilight Garden mixes atmospheric synths and catchy melodies and fuses them with hypnotic drum beats, lush guitar work, and elegantly powerful vocals from sole band-member Todd Loomis. Todd passionately blends old school European synth-pop, cold wave and post-punk into a modern, atmospheric, accessible darkwave sound. Imagine Disintegration-era Cure with more emphasis on the electronics.

Todd’s previous life was as a co-conspirator in Velvet Acid Christ, co-writing and performing on 2006’s Lust for Blood, which ranked at the top of Germany’s DAC for four weeks; the album’s single release, “Wound,” ranked on the DAC’s singles chart for seven weeks and held the #1 position for four weeks.

“I started The Twilight Garden shortly after I finished working with Bryan Erickson of VAC,” Todd explains. “Like myself, Bryan also can be quite depressive, misanthropic, wary and alienated. We related easily, and from our mutual interest in music sprang the album Lust for Blood. After the completion of that album, I had so much else I wanted to do and say – many ideas and things I needed to put into tangible form – so I began the creation of what would becomeA World We Pretend. During the recording, there were moments of sadness, happiness, loneliness, and bliss – as with everything I experience or create. All moments are fleeting, and all things end. When put into a recording though, something transient can be fixed in time and given extended life. It reflects an instant which can never again exist and even more spectacularly, music allows that energy to live in someone else for a time. The title track is largely about the beauty of the moment and the anguish that comes along with fate: a mix of ecstasy and emptiness.”

The album explores the darker side of truth as it mirrors life: the weight of inevitability, sadness, frustration, indifference, anger, loneliness, claustrophobia, etc. Todd ponders the desperation of time, sands falling through the hourglass, the end creeping forward, and our own powerlessness in the face of finality. There is a deep sense of sorrow in the music, a haunted awareness that time is running out. “I can never seem to rid myself of this feeling for more than a flitting moment,” Todd says. “It’s just a part of my life. Nothing can last forever, and all things will pass. I do my best to find beauty in the struggle of human existence – to find little pieces of joy or wonder. I believe some of that has been captured on this album.”

The sweeping sound is warm and emotional yet at times filled with a deep chill. Instrumentation is predominately synth-based with guitars providing a swirling wall of texture: melodic at times, yet mainly harmonic and organic. Spellbinding drums are slightly repetitive and almost dance-like. Vocals range from a soft whisper to full verbal onslaught. Overall, A World We Pretend is a passionate outpouring of deep and enduring melancholy. Poetic and flowing, the album provides beautiful atmospheres of stark images and emotion.

Recommended club tracks: The Puppeteers, Dead Adults
Recommended atmospheric track: A World We Pretend

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