vidnaObmana: Revealed by Composed Nature

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  1. with shattering silence
  2. out from the garden reminded
  3. unfold gradient
  4. silver growing *
  5. still wandering
  6. beautiful cascade *
  7. until the glowering space
  8. forever upon the wave
  9. the gilding marrow *
  10. until the glowering space 2
  11. by the unknown evening 2 *
  12. by the unknown evening
    * = bonus track, not on the original release

First released on LP in 1990 on Vidna’s Decade Collection label, then rereleased on CD in 1993 on Alio Die’s Hic Sunt Leones label.

Vidna writes:
With Revealed by Composed Nature I had the opportunity to explore my first compositional ideas, in the ambient genre, onto record, sequel to my cassetteworks. Using only the internal sequencers of my instruments, I could manage to create,structure and synchronize short loops in compositions. The changing of timbres shows the melody towards the end of each composition. Unfortunately due to the poor quality of the vinil pressing, my intention to offer particular moods was lost. Hopefully, thanks to this reissue on digital format and the recent remastering from the original cassettemaster, the character and atmosphere of this work is restored.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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