Lisa Hammer: Dakini (from Mors Syphilitica vocalist) (CD) #CDsale

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  1. In Taberna Quando Sumus | MP3 Clip
  2. Kyrie Orbis Factor | MP3 Clip
  3. Samsara | MP3 Clip
  4. Ave Nobilis | MP3 Clip
  5. Vajra
  6. Eleison
  7. Mara | MP3 Clip
  8. Be Not Afraid
  9. Chant No. 5
  10. The Valley Of Unrest | MP3 Clip
  11. Electric Tamboura
  12. The Muses | MP3 Clip
  13. Bardo
  14. Yaksha
  15. The Saddest Day Of All | MP3 Clip
  16. Lullaby | MP3 Clip
  17. Trekcho | MP3 Clip

    Dakini takes the celestial voice of filmmaker Lisa Hammer and layers it with drones, ragas, tribal drums and folk music to create a roller coaster of emotions: a cultural and spiritual mix of Indian, medieval and modern ambience. Dakini is a new revelation for the fans of Lisa’s previous work as vocalist for Mors Syphilitica & Requiem in White. A departure from tradition, an enlightened development in her musical path.

    A dakini is an elusive tantric deity that might best be described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy – “she who traverses the sky” or “she who moves in space.” She is also depicted as wrathful in that she cuts through human ego and ignorance with a vengeance. Her feminine powers are very strong: generally volatile or wrathful, though also seen as a muse (or inspirational thoughtform) for spiritual practice. Dakinis are energetic beings in female form, evocative of the movement of energy in space. In this context, the sky or space indicates the insubstantiality of all phenomena, which is, at the same time, the pure potentiality for all possible manifestations.

    Lisa writes, “The intention behind this cd was to create music for ritual, meditation and sex. Ideally, all 3 at once. It was designed to carry the listener away from the manifest world and into a deeper space. The Indian ragas correspond with times of the day, so the CD represents a condensed 24 hours, which is perfect for ritual, or any emotional and spiritual trip. The medieval songs are matched with Indian ragas and tribal drums, Appalachian folk music, Middle-Eastern drones and opera to bring the four directions together, North South East and West. It’s a cultural and spiritual mix, all blending together in one CD. Each of the songs has its own meditational/trance-inducing quality, regardless of its origin.”

    Lisa was once told by a great guru-poetess that she was a true dakini and should learn the ways of the dakini to develop her gift. Dakini is the result of continued studies and instruction: an audio journey to guide the listener toward contemplation, spiritual movement, and to break through obstacles. Dakinis, being associated with energy in all its functions, are linked with the revelation of the Higher Tantras, which represent the path of transformation. Here, the energy of negative emotions or kleshas, called poisons, are transformed into the luminous energy of enlightened awareness or gnosis.

    For fans of: Enya, Sheila Chandra, This Mortal Coil

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