Attrition: Kill The Buddha! (with Laurie Reade of BlackTape) (CD) #CDSale

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  1. Invitation…
  2. Favourite things
  3. The Head of Gabriel | MP3
  4. Dante’s Kitchen
  5. Dreamcatcher | MP3
  6. A’dam & Eva | MP3
  7. I am Eternity | MP3
  8. Two Gods | MP3
  9. The Mercy Machine
  10. The Long Hall
  11. November 18th. 2006

Attrition live at Toad’s Place, from Youtube

(The 25th Anniversary Tour)

“Melding operatic soprano voice with apocalyptic whispering against synthesized orchestrations, the band appears to be charting new musical territory. Attrition is so far beyond the curve that it might be years before the mainstream catches up.” – Offbeat magazine writes about ATTRITION at the Convergence festival, New Orleans.

Sultry rhythms, driving electronics, operatic female vocals and grave male vocals combine in the intense dance macabre that is an Attrition live show. Kill The Buddha! captures the band on their 25th Anniversary tour, performing songs split equally between their most recent studio release, Dante’s Kitchen, and hits that span Attrition’s solid career. Main man, songwriter, electronic player and vocalist Martin Bowes is joined by American vocalist Laurie Reade, complemented by keyboard/synth players including Ned Kirby of Stromkern.

Recorded on Attrition’s extensive anniversary tour of Europe, America and Mexico over 2006 – 2007. Compiled and mastered by Martin from direct-to-stereo recordings from the mixing board, Kill The Buddha! is a live momento as well as a documentation of a brilliant electronic band in their prime.

“The distinct scent of incense floated across the room from the burning embers on the tips of the sticks in between Martin Bowes’ fingers. The operatic female vocalist’s melody combined with electronic dance beats created an otherworldly feel. Attrition gave a powerful, serious, and harmonious performance coupled with strong, rhythmic beats; an undoubtedly distinctive sound…” – Regen magazine writes about ATTRITION at the Black Sun festival, USA. 2008.

“Moments of euphoria like this are as rare as they come.” – DSO magazine writes about ATTRITION at the Underworld. London. 2007.

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