Love Spirals Downwards: Suzanne Perry’s Melodyguild side-project: Aitu (Maxi-CD)

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  1. Panamint | MP3 Clip
  2. Accomplice | MP3 Clip
  3. Flicker | MP3 Clip
  4. Un parallel | MP3 Clip
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Sam writes (2-4-21): A DJ in Los Angeles recently mentioned to me how much he loves this EP from Suzanne Perry – vocalist from Love Spirals Downwards. Hard to believe it's been 12+ years since I released this on Projekt, but there ya go! Time…. time keeps on rushing bye. This release is now available on our bandcamp page for you. The digital download is name-your-price (today is Bandcamp Friday: Bandcamp waves their fees, meaning more money for the artist/label), and also there's a very limited number of CDs left at $5.

Released in 2008, AITU features Suzanne Perry – the vocalist for Love Spirals Downwards. As the only post-Flux release with her vocals on multiple tracks, AITU is a lovely shoegazer/dreampop portent of a band that was never to be…

A Couple of Amazon fan reviews:

The intimate shimmering of summer stars by Tim L: It’s such a joy to hear Suzanne Perry’s lustrous voice once more, floating like a keen-eyed bird in the evening sky, carrying the listener along with her into a magical, starlit night. Shoegaze? Dreampop? A little of both, a sound not unfamiliar to devotees of Love Spirals Downwards … but also venturing into new territory, as well. Melodyguild is a full-fledged band, not merely a vehicle for Suzanne’s sublime vocals, offering in this all-too-short EP the promise of much more. May we have a full-length CD soon! Until then, savor these 4 four tracks like the jewels they are — highly recommended!

by Juliet T: As a slowdive fan, I happened to listen to “Flicker” while on a Pandora radio station. Suzanne Perry’s voice caught my ear. This is a great album I just wish it was longer. Style is very shoegaze with dramatic slow guitar rifts and wondering vocals.

Fronting the driving shoegazer / dream-pop quartet Melodyguild, Perry’s fluid and enchanting vocals take on new power and depth. A must for lovers of Tearwave, Mira, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Autumn’s Grey Solace and of course, Love Spirals Downwards.

It begins with Perry, angel-voiced singer from the successful ethereal duo Love Spirals Downwards. Her vocals set the tone for the rest of the band, while her ability to elicit emotion connects Melodyguild to its audience. It continues with Nicholas Pallos, who brings to the band his unique, personal drumming style and knowledge of multiple instruments, adding a gentle intensity to the mix. Next is Cris Miller, who contributes his proficiency in production, transforming musical ideas into full arrays of melody, further completing the vision Melodyguild sets out to achieve. Matt Gleason adds lush guitar and effects, both of which fuel the band’s beautiful tone. And finally, Rodney Rodriguez deftly secures the link between rhythm and melody on bass.

Melodyguild was founded in 2002 by the former Love Spirals Downwards singe collaborating with several former members of L.A. dream pop band, The Von Trapps. The band performed a few local shows and in 2004, Projekt Records released a Melodyguild cover of Danny Elfman’s “Sally’s Song” for a limited edition holiday single.

Released June 10 2008

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