Autumn’s Grey Solace: Ablaze (CD)

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  1. Endlessly | MP3 Clip
  2. Fluttermoth | MP3 Clip
  3. Into The Stream | MP3 Clip
  4. Immortal Muse
  5. Tusk | MP3 Clip | Full-Length MP3
  6. Eternal Light
  7. The Moon Nocturnal
  8. A Rhythm That Writhes
  9. Imaginary Grey
  10. Sea Of Honesty
  11. Angelspeak

ablaze: radiant with light or emotion.

“Autumn’s Grey Solace have rebuilt the shimmering craft of ethereal/shoegazer rock and have equipped it with their own essentials. Erin Welton’s luminous vocals are untethered and airy, but her tenderness keeps her real, while Scott Ferrell’s guitar envelops and cushions her in a fabric of smoothly shifting color and texture.” – Gothic Beauty

The flame of inspiration continues to burn brightly on Ablaze, the fifth album (in six years) from ethereal shoegaze artists Autumn’s Grey Solace. Ablaze contains eleven tracks of passionately created dreampop gems. Erin Welton’s crystal clear vocal melodies soar into the heavens while Scott Ferrell’s lush backdrop of guitars and other stringed instruments are richly orchestrated, with great attention paid to clarity and detail. The music is alive with blazing, echoing guitar chords, sun-kissed vocal harmonies, and a blistering rhythm section. Ablaze is a warm, glowing version of shoegaze, and celebrates the beauty and romanticism of the genre.

“Whereas other bands pile on the doom and gloom to an almost suffocating degree, Autumn’s Grey Solace lets the music breathe. They possess a shimmering beauty that shines through the shadows. A fragile beauty, perhaps, but a beauty nonetheless.” – Liar Society

“Scott Ferrell’s gorgeous treated guitars, Welton’s honey voice, and a Lush-ious late-night, glide through wintry evergreens ears — like the later Cocteaus circa Heaven and Las Vegas or Milk & Kisses. Love it.” – The Big Takeover

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