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  1. Pleiades
  2. In the Dark
  3. Weep, O Mine Eyes
  4. Moon
  5. Haunted
  6. Hide Away
  7. Libera Me
  8. Riu Riu Chiu
  9. O Virga ac Diadema
  10. Invocation of the Sun
  11. Scarborough Fair
  12. Tears
  13. Ripple
  14. Nox Nivosa
  15. Mysterium
  16. An Epitaph
  17. Pleiades (Reprise)

The 2004 neo-classical / heavenly voices debut from Mirabilis.

“Beautiful vocals were expected from Mirabilis, but far beyond that, they combine intuition, scholarship, and inspired talent. Bravo!” – Gothic Beauty Magazine

Pleiades is a collaboration between Summer Bowman of The Machine in the Garden and Dru Allen of This Ascension. Pleiades contains original compositions as well as interpretations of traditional pieces stretching back to the 16 th century. Mixing a cappella, neo-classical and darkwave instrumentation, the songs blend together the beautiful voices of Summer and Dru as well as guest vocalists Regeana Morris from The Changelings, Katy Belle and Rebecca Colleen Miller.

Pleiades opens and closes with a ghostly choir evoking the two sisters on the album cover. “In the Dark” leads with its tribal rhythm and background chant of ‘In the dark I see clearly’. “Weep, O Mine Eyes” is a beautiful a cappella love song written by John Bennet (16 th century). “Haunted” is an ethereal wail from beyond the veil. “Riu Riu Chiu” is a traditional Spanish song that showcases the harmonies of the vocalists as well as many tracks in Latin such as “Libera Me” and “Mysterium” (lead vocal Rebecca Colleen Miller). “Invocation of the Sun” by the poet William Drummond shines with lead vocals by Katy Belle. The Changelings’ Regeana Morris laments on the ballad Ripple. A more classical interpretation is rendered on “Scarborough Fair” while sorrowful keys back up the funeral lay of “An Epitaph” made hopeful by the lead vocal of Dru and Summer.

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From Gothic Paradise

    Once I received word of a full-length album from this collaborative project, it really gave me something to look forward to. And now it’s out and has been receiving positive reviews and here at Gothic Paradise, I just have to chime in with my own positive review of this excellent work.

    I think the easiest place to start with this album is just by introducing the excellent talents of the participating musicians on this album. Obviously, the backbone and founding members are Summer Bowman and Dru Allen. Both contribute vocals and musical instruments and their own unique styles and talents. Summer’s haunting vocals often carve through the soundwaves such as in the mysterious, beautiful and aptly named “In The Dark” as well as another favorite of mine, “Hide Away”. Dru contributes her magnificent talents that we’ve grown to love over the past decade with This Ascension on many beautiful tracks, also haunting and beautiful on “In The Dark” and harmonizing beautifully on the Spanish traditional piece “Riu Riu Chiu”. We can’t forget the contributions of Matson Belle taking the lead vocals on “Invocation of the Sun”, with childlike splendor. Regeana Morris of The Changelings fame contributes her vocals and additional instruments on “Ripple”. And finally, Rebecca Colleen Miller takes the lead on “Mysterium”, one of many included traditional pieces from ages long past.

    The combination of all of these vocalists, the magnificent music and atmosphere just create something absolutely stunning. Words that come to mind are dreamy, haunting, moody, beautiful and many, many more that just bring the best and most heartfelt emotions to mind. From the original title track written by Mirabilis with the slow, ambient-like soundscapes to the deep and moving track “In The Dark” with the tribal drums and thick atmospheres. This album is just one piece after another of deep, haunting beauty.

    The bottom line with this album – if you enjoy any style of Ethereal or Neo-Classical music, this is for you. You will love it! Rating: 5/5

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