Love Spirals Downwards: Ardor (2007 Remastered CD) (final copies)


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  1. Will You Fade | MP3
  2. Sidhe
  3. Write n Water
  4. Avincenna
  5. Mirrors a Still Sky
  6. Subsequently
  7. I Could Find It Only By Chance
  8. Kykeon
  9. Depression Glass
  10. Sunset Bell
  11. Tear Love From My Mind
  12. Oisin and Niam*
  13. I Could Find It (Instrumental Mix)*
  14. Write in Water (Live)*
    * indicates bonus tracks | MP3 Medley

With over 15,000 units sold per album, the first two albums from Love Spirals Downward – classic shoegazer dream-pop discs – get lovely re-releases with bonus tracks, remastered and compiled by Ryan Lum himself!

Like standing under a waterfall: guitar trickles & swirls like a mist around you; as warm cascading female harmonies envelop you, washing you in beauty and melancholy.

Digital remastering by Ryan Lum in 2007. Oisin and Niamh and I Could Find It (Instrumental Mix) recorded and mixed during the original 1993 sessions. Write in Water (Live) recorded at The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA, 9/21/1995.

“The second wave of aural resplendence from the duo of vocalist Suzanne Perry and guitar neoromancer Ryan Lum.” – Industrialnation

“To truly appreciate this album, just close your eyes and get enveloped in all its beauty. -Bizarre U.K.

An album that is compelling, evocative and very, very beautiful.” -Singapore Vogue

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1994 / 2007




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