Voltaire: Zombie Prostitute (Maxi-CD)


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  • Zombie Prostitute
  • Dia De Los Muertos
    (Day of the Dead-Spanish Version)
  • China Girl
  • Cantina (demo)
  • Hell In A Hand Basket (Live Version)
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    Zombie Prostitute and Other Ooky Spooky Hits

    A 5-track teaser ep from 2006, previewing Aurelio Voltaire’s 5th album from 2007, Ooky Spooky. Only two of these songs appear on that album in this form.

    Oh, it’s so easy when you’re evil.

    From CreepyT’s fan review on Amazon:
    Never have zombies, cannibalism, prostitution, sacrilege, and hell been topics that are quite so aurally pleasing! Voltaire’s hilarious lyrics are backed up by violins, cellos, and horns. (This is) comedic, black-humored goth rock at its best. Voltaire really has a corner on the market in this genre, and his acclaim is well-deserved. (This) would certainly be a great choice for any Halloween party, but I also highly recommend this album for anyone interested in checking creepy music with a jovial and light-hearted twist! Indeed, goth does not have to equate with doom and gloom. As Voltaire himself states “It’s a Halloween party in a jewel box,” and for those of us who could celebrate Halloween all year `round, it’s an instant classic!

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