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  1. Artifact Ghost (73:29) MP3 Clip

“The Immersion series exists in a line of distinguished long-form ambient works from Roach, and like those that have gone before it will completely envelop you in its subtle shifting sonic sensory stimulation. No rhythm, no melody, just floating ethereal layers, rolling gently over each other as approaching fog, the misty layers in varying shades of grey. The end result is a soothing wall of soft sound that thoroughly relaxes and satisfies. Immersion indeed.” – ElectroAmbient Space

The second in an ongoing series of atmospheric zones by master sound painter Steve Roach, Immersion: Two presents a subtle shift from the luminous steady state harmonic current of Immersion:One [Projekt, February 2006]. On this 73-minute longform soundscape, a sinuous weblike mist seems to emanate from the speakers. Mysterious yet calm, this is the perfect sound environment for the deeper hours after midnight or anytime a quiet, engulfing audio landscape is desired. If Nag Champa or Sandalwood incense has a sound this might be it.

Steve Roach’s Immersion series is especially effective at low volume playback levels as the non-dynamic nature of this soundworld can support creative states, sleeping as well as reading and other functions where “music” is considered invasive (for example yoga, meditation, massage, or any other activity that calls upon the art of blending). Presented as a continuous zone with no real beginning or end, this 73 minute space is even more effective in dissolving the sense of linear time by simply activating repeat mode on the CD player and letting it play all day and night at a quiet volume level.

Steve writes… “This continuous zone, titled ‘Artifact Ghost,’ has to be one of my favorites for late-night activity and sleeping. For years I kept coming back to it, as it always feels alive and never-ending, never beginning. This piece was a big part of the inspiration to start the Immersion series. An 8-minute excerpt from the 90-minute original was heard on Texture Maps, and after this glimpse of the ghost I was struck by how many requests there were for a long-form version. Perceptive ears will hear shades of this ephemeral zone as far back as Artifacts, where I wove it into the fabric under the tribal-based grooves. Its smoky presence paid a visit on Cavern of Sirens as well. If you were at any of my concerts in the mid to late 90’s, there’s a good chance you heard this piece setting the space before my performance. On Immersion : Two I took the opportunity to live with this zone again, to fine-tune and melt the ‘Artifact Ghost’ even more, creating subtle movements and adding nearly subliminal openings along the way. I was shaping this Immersion : Two version right up ’til the last moment. It’s playing in loop mode right now.”

“(Immersion is) useful to help the brain switch from the alarming brutalities of day-to-day audio abuses by filling your airspace with background aural opium. It is especially captivating when you’re aware of what you’re hearing. Played when falling asleep or relaxing in your room with headphones and eyes closed, Immersion: One produces a controlled environ and is therapeutic in every way. It’s pure ambient sound with no filler.” –

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