Various Artists: The Projekt Almost Free CD (CD)

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  1. Android Lust: Dragonfly (edit) ~ from Devour, Rise, and Take Flight
  2. Voltaire: Cannibal Buffet (promo mix) ~ from Ooky Spooky
  3. Black tape for a blue girl: Knock Three Times ~ from Halo Star
  4. Unto Ashes: In Memory of D’Drennan ~ from Grave Blessings
  5. Autumn’s Grey Solace: The Unshakable Demon ~ from Riverine
  6. Mira: No Other Way (alternative mix) ~ from There I Go Daydreamer
  7. Dark Sanctuary: Presence ~ from Thoughts : 9 years in the sanctuary
  8. Steve Roach: Immersion : One (excerpt) ~ from Immersion : One
  9. Fear Falls Burning: 8:39 (edit) ~ from he spoke in dead tongues

An overview of the releases of Projekt, America’s premier gothic-ethereal-darkwave label. It includes a previously unreleased track from Voltaire. In a stylish Digi-Pak, Cover Model: Kelly Abbass . Released March 10, 2006.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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