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  1. immersion : one [73:40] | MP3 Excerpt

immersion : one was the first in an ongoing series of long form, steady state “zones” created specifically as tone meditations for the living space. Gently immersive and especially effective at low volume, the non-dynamic nature of this space can support sleeping as well as creative states, reading and other functions where “music” is considered invasive. Purposely untitled, minimal in nature and sonically uninterrupted for 74 minutes, this “tone zone” series brings Steve’s years as a sound painter of deep subtlety to a point where the “brush” has only a few bristles and nothing more is needed.

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  1. padmin

    From Bandcamp Daily

    There are seemingly infinite entry points into the discography of Steve Roach, soon finishing up his fourth decade as a doyen of drowsy synthesis. He’s released almost 200 records in that time span, including a half-dozen genre benchmarks, like the 1984 dream sequence Structures from Silence. Dive right in, at least for sleep, with a rather recent ongoing series—Immersion, now almost 10 volumes deep. (There’s an app, too!) These records glow like bioluminescent microcosms, with brilliant melodic rays and glittering glissandi shooting through an intricate substructure of interwoven tones. You sort of surrender to Roach’s work like it’s an ornate hydrological system, letting it ferry you where it will. During the first quarter of Immersion : One, you might notice a faint whistle, like a luring bird song or a tea kettle in someone else’s house. Trace those sounds as long as you can, straight on to sleep. -Grayson Haver Currin

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