Various Artists: A Dark Cabaret (CD)

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  1. Coin-Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls from debut
  2. Sometimes, Sunshine by Revue Noir | 30 second MP3 | from Anthology Archive
  3. Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy | 30 second MP3 from Diabolical Streak
  4. Gemini Girly Song by Katzenjammer Kabarett | 30 second MP3 | from debut
  5. Pretty Faces by Nicki Jaine
  6. Simon’s Sleeping by Pretty Balanced
  7. Knock Three Times (Skinny Kinda Mix) by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
    original version from Halo Star
  8. Audience to the End by The Brides from debut
  9. Flowers by Rozz Williams from Dream Home Heartache
  10. True Love by ThouShaltNot | 30 second MP3 from Land Dispute

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There’s a new sound in the underground: Dark Cabaret. Taking its visual cue from the decadence of 1920’s Weimar Republic, bands such as Boston’s The Dresden Dolls, New York City’s Revue Noir, and San Francisco’s Jill Tracy are tweaking the Cabaret sensibilities, mixing in elements of Rock, Punk & Death Rock to create an exciting new movement with a look and a sound uniquely their own.

It can’t be faked; that’s the glorious thing.

The main historical flavor of cabaret in its darker form is of decadent thrills, providing a frisson of underground playfulness and debauchery, but a noble subtext is exemplified by the film Cabaret where, in 1930s Berlin, spirited humans laughed in the face of Fascist adversity. Modernism and Dada collided head on with wine, women and song: a heady mix.

Post-war it lost relevance and danger, but cabaret still happens. These noir themes of sex, wickedness or romance, all with a sardonic twist, come back to haunt and taunt, because its roots were meaningful and retain meaning in today’s political climate. It has the added attraction of glamour, and maybe a touch of superiority, given that intelligence burrowed right through its filthy little soul.

The past as part of the future? Formidable.

– Mick Mercer | website

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