Fear Falls Burning: he spoke in dead tongues (2-CD)


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Disc One
  1. 7:12
  2. 13:42
  3. 10:01
  4. 8:39
  5. 33:08

    Disc Two

  6. 10:32
  7. 12:39
  8. 34:14
  9. 16:17

“Imagine if you gene spliced Glenn Branca and Robert Fripp and then scared the crap out of this newborn entity.” – soniccuriosity.com

A willful crossing between the infinite looping on Fripp & Eno’s No Pussyfooting and the power chords of Sunn O))).

Electric Guitar. The statement must be made. With all the power and noise and aggression and subtlety that comes from a single man performing real-time on the electric guitar through a maze of pedal effects, notes and chords shifting and multiplying over time into dense and trance-inducing walls of sound. These vintage guitar drones exist at the musical line where lo-fi, instrumental post-rock, avant-garde, experimental and industrial meet. he spoke in dead tongues reveals a spectrum of sonic textures and extreme tonalities that are deliberately old and monotonous in reference to the vintage and replica effects. All clicks, ticks and cracks are part of the real-time performance.


Herein, vidna Obmana reinvents himself under a new persona with the Fear Falls Burning debut. This double CD on Projekt/Ikon succeeds in uncovering a new language that stretches time and brings the listener to the edge multiple times, entrancing with the repetitive yet pure sonic presence of the electric guitar. The result could be compared to contemporary drone & minimal ambient acts like Growing and even Sunn o))). The sounds vary from gritty dirty guitarloops to long sonic landscapes with dense walls of sound. “Sustain” and “Loops” are keywords in the Fear Falls Burning storyboard, so are “tension” and “release.” With no overdubs or post-production effects involved, the compositions progress in an organic and natural way, giving the music a special feeling and soul that is missing from many recordings these days. This is living. Breathing. Electric Guitar.

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