Dark Sanctuary: Thoughts : 9 years in the sanctuary (best of) (CD) #CDSale

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  1. La Clameur du Silence 6’29
  2. Assombrissement de l’âme 6’39
  3. La chute de l’ange 8’40
  4. D’une Mère à sa Fille 6’05
  5. Vie éphémère 4’11
  6. Au milieu des sepultures 6’09
  7. L’autre monde 5’55
  8. Présence 5’15
  9. L’ombre triste 3’48
  10. Les larmes du méprisé (extended version) 13’35

lush, somber neo-classical with soaring female vocals
“Immaculately beautiful.” These are the words which must be spoken when discussing the French band Dark Sanctuary. They create a lovely, lush, somber neo-classical sound with powerful female vocals soaring and ascending above the layers of piano, synthesizer, strings, acoustic guitar, and percussion. On Thoughts : 9 years in the sanctuary, Projekt gathers 10 tracks from the band’s four albums for an hour of romantic, intimate, and personal hymns.

Dark Sanctuary draws upon different shades of melancholy, from light grey to deep black, thanks to their unbreakable union of dark orchestral music and heavenly voices, all performed by conservatory-calibre musicians. Sadness, disenchantment, and heartbreak which knows no boundary motivate Dark Sanctuary, comprised of Arkdae (keyboards, guitars), Hylgaryss (keyboards, guitars), Sombre Cÿr (percussions, bass), Eliane (violin), Marguerite (violin, bagpipe) and Dame Pandora (vocals). This is profound, sad and nostalgic music infused with the atmosphere of a cathedral in mourning.

Somewhere along the line, this band received a reputation for performing Symphonic Metal (most likely because they record for the Italian metal label Wounded Love / Avante Garde), but that could be furthest from the facts. This album showcases an amazing majestic sound, for romantic souls who enjoy Arcana, Ophelia’s Dream or Black tape for a blue girl.

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