Mira: The Pieces Maxi (CD) (Last copies!)


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  1. Pieces
  2. Window Seat
  3. No Other Way (alt mix)
  4. Todd Space is My Day Job

Mira emerge from a three-year soul-searching binge to present us with The Pieces Maxi. Pieces contains two tracks from the upcoming album there i go daydreamer (due August 2005), an exclusive alternate mix of a third album track, and a rare cover song only previously available on vinyl. With this release, Mira promises to resurrect that “eye of the hurricane” experience from past records and take it to new heights.

After nearly a year-long stint in the studio, Mira re-emerges with the Pieces Maxi-CD. The band was busy making endless revisions with a meticulous eye on attempting to capture their blistering live performances, and with the ultimate goal of surpassing anything they had done previously. The results are an overwhelming success.

The Pieces EP represents a wonderful cross-section of the band’s upcoming album There I go daydreamer. Those of you who were at Projektfest’02 in Philadelphia may remember their performance of the title track on this release. “Pieces” is Mira’s most aggressive epic to date, based upon the same type of driving bass lines that spawned such Mira classics as “Cayman” and “Space.” Compositionally Mira has never been so ambitious, hinting at themes and abandoning them, returning to others at unexpected times, and overall creating a patchwork of sound that is brilliantly intriguing. Vocally, Regina has never sounded so powerful, or in control of her staggeringly beautiful pipes as on this release. The song is ferocious, one person’s discourse between anger and letting go, culminating five minutes later in a beautiful repose as she sings “These days, they’re all new…” while the guitars swirl and melodies twist and weave around her.

“Window Seat” shows a more playful, bouncy side to Mira, a driving, yet painfully beautiful masterpiece that illustrates guitarists Tom and Mark’s playful rapport culminating with a beautiful explosive fireworks display at the songs finish. Fans of the early, more upbeat, Mira songs like “Dry” and “Real” will certainly sit up and take notice. “Window Seat” is a straightforward rocker that aims more for the heart than the head.

“No Other Way” represents Mira at its finest. This down-tempo jazzy number contains one of the most beautiful melodies ever created by Regina, slinky and sexy, and instantly unforgettable. Lyrically it is a meditation on love lost and the acceptance thereof, culminating in the chorus with the bleak and crushingly simple line “There is no other way.” Musically Mira grooves more than they ever dared to try, giving as many nods to early Portishead as to Disintegration-era Cure. Hands down this is one of Mira’s greatest songs. The version on this release is in the dub style, filled with a trippy, shimmery wash of beats and textures.

“Todd Space is My Day Job” concludes the EP, an interpretation of a classic by legendary Tallahassee metal band Cream Abdul Babar (who took on Mira’s classic “Space” with frightening results.) This song was originally released on a limited edition 7” record that pitted the hardest and mellowest bands in town to reinterpret each other’s music.

The Pieces Maxi-CD will be a welcome addition to Mira fans old and new, and just a morsel to whet the appetite of what is to come.

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