black tape for a blue girl: The Scarecrow ep (Maxi-CD) (50% OFF)

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  1. Scarecrow (album version)
  2. Tarnished (Ego Likeness mix)
    A club-friendly mix by the band Ego Likeness
  3. Dagger (stripped)
    mixed by Sam. a dramatic reinterpretation, based around
    Bret’s vocals and the violin section.
  4. Already Forgotten (alternate mix)
    mixed by Sam.
  5. Halo Star (alternate mix)
    new band member Nicki Jaine’s piano replaces the tracks
    played by Sam, for a live-like rendition of this track.

Packaged in an environmentally friendly 5″ cardboard jacket. Original versions appear on Halo Star. Mixes by Sam, except 2 mix + additional instruments by Steve | Lyrics by Rosenthal. Arrangements by Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Scarecrow (music: Helm); Tarnished (music: Rosenthal/Richards); Dagger, Already Forgotten, Halo Star (music: Rosenthal). ©2004 Seireenien Music, BMI. The model is Lisa. Photos, graphic design & image processing by Sam.

Scarecrow (album version)
Bret Helm | vocals, acoustic guitar, fretless and distorted basses
Michael Laird | dumbek
Sam Rosenthal | Moog

Tarnished (Ego Likeness mix)
Bret Helm | vocals
Michael Laird | sparse percussion
Vicki Richards | violin
Steven Archer | additional guitar, drum programming & electronics

Dagger (stripped)
Bret Helm | vocals & electric guitar
Vicki Richards | violin
Sam Rosenthal | electronics

Already Forgotten (alternate mix)
Lisa Feuer | flute
Elysabeth Grant | vocals
Bret Helm | guitar
Michael Laird | mandolin
Sam Rosenthal | faux piano & electronics

Halo Star (alternate mix)
Bret Helm | vocals
Nicki Jaine | faux piano

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