Android Lust: The Dividing (CD)

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  1. Division
  2. Kingdom of One
  3. Panic Wrought
  4. Follow
  5. The Want
  6. Stained
  7. Unbeliever
  8. Another Void
  9. Fall to Fragments
  10. Sex and Mutilation
  11. Burn

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Just because Android Lust is led by a woman – and released on the world-famous Projekt Records – don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re about to hear an album of floating ethereal music. Android Lust is raw, intense and passionate. Borrowing elements of rock, industrial, gothic and classical, Android Lust presents a blend of electronic music that is dark, icy, and fiercely emotional. Born in Bangladesh, schooled in England and in the United States, Shikhee’s background is as varied as the eleven tracks on The Dividing: running the emotional gamut from loss to discovery, from regret to carnivorous loathing.

Included in The Dividing is a special CD-ROM section with photo gallery, lyrics, and a bonus track to boot.

Shikhee stands out not only for being a one-woman powerhouse (as singer, writer, producer of Android Lust), but also for her keen, uncompromising ear for fresh electronic sound, allying her with talents such as Trent Reznor. – The Sentimentalist

The re-release includes a 6 page lyric book not in the original DVM release.

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