black tape for a blue girl: with a million tear-stained memories (2-CD)

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Disc 1 the vocal tracks
  1. memory, uncaring friend 2003 version
  2. the broken glass
  3. could i stay the honest one? 1998 acoustic version
  4. ashes in the brittle air
  5. griffith park
  6. russia
  7. scream, my shallow
  8. the flow of our spirit
  9. wings tattered, fallen
  10. the holy terrors
  11. your one wish
  12. one last breath
  13. overwhelmed, beneath me 2000 version
  14. floats in the updrafts
  15. tear love from my mind
  16. with my sorrows
  17. bastille day, 1961

Disc 2 the instrumental tracks

  1. kinski steve roachremix
  2. with a million tears
  3. for you will burn your wings upon the sun part 4
  4. fitful
  5. like a dog / letter to brod part 1
  6. the apotheosis
  7. the green box
  8. the christ in the desert
  9. slow blur
  10. das liselottenbett
  11. dark skinned and inviting
  12. seven
  13. beneath the icy floe
  14. we watched our sad-eyed angel fall

2-CD Highlights 1986-2003 ~ Limited Edition | hand-numbered in an edition of 2250

A milestone in ethereal/heavenly voices history!

As the ultimate collection from this legendary band, with a million tear-stained memories presents 31 tracks from blacktape’s first 17 years. Limited to 2250, this 2CD set is divided into a vocal and an instrumental disc offering fans two diverse listening experiences. Disc 1 begins with a new 2003 re-recording of the first song from their 1986 debut album, the rope (with Bret Helm on vocals); disc 2 begins with an exclusive Steve Roach remix of the song “Kinski” from 2002’s, the scavenger bride. In between, this collection contains music of legendary and beautiful proportion offering a unique blend of ethereal soundscapes, heavenly voices and neo-classical songs with a touch of gothic stylings. To complete this special release, the cd comes with a 16 page booklet of lyrics and stories from songwriter Sam Rosenthal.

Black tape for a blue girl have a reputation as one of the few bands able to reinvent and create current music from the origins of the Gothic genre. Over the years, the band has continually reconfigured itself with new members adding their distinct talents to the band’s sound. The powerful and enchanting combination of male and female vocals propel the songs with melody and harmonies. Sam Rosenthal’s touches are present throughout. His lyrics deal with an existential search for truths and understanding, setting up black tape for a blue girl as one of the few bands to take to heart the work of Sartre, Kafka and Duchamp (often all at once in a jumble of personal contradictions). His subtle and sensual electronics form the foundation upon which the other musicians’ work appears.

“I see myself more as a playwright,” Sam comments. “I create the songs and the characters that populate them, bringing in others artists to add their talents to help me realize my ideas.” Setting this CD apart is the stunning work of violinist Vicki Richards, trained in the early 70’s in Indian Raga as well as western classical modes. Her performances with black tape for a blue girl are an important element of the band’s overall sound, draping the music with an elegant and passionate classical aura; reaching a pinnacle in the suite of songs that conclude disc 2.

Sam adds, “For me, an album is a complete work of art. From the songwriting, to the performances, to the photos I shoot for the cover. My goal on with a million tear-stained memories was to create an album that stands on its own, even though it is comprised of tracks from throughout my career. I did the cover photoshoot with Shikhee of Android Lust as homage to my 1986 debut, the rope. Even though we go through years of emotional and mental evolution, there are still threads that tie us right back to the beginning.”

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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