Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman: Trance Spirits (CD)

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  1. Taking Flight 10:36
  2. Trance Spirits 16:44
  3. Off Spring 8:10
  4. Seekers 7:20
  5. The Calling 5:47
  6. Year of the Horse 13:34
  7. In The Same Deep Water 11:42

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Jeffrey Fayman & Momodou Kah: Percussion
Robert Fripp: Guitar Soundscapes (tracks 1, 6, & 7)
Steve Roach: Guitar & Synth Soundworlds, Shamanic Percussion, Ocarinas & Hybrid Grooves
Produced by Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman

Trance Spirits by Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp and Momodou Kah represents the next step in genuine tribal ambient soundscapes. This amazing gathering of artists makes a magnificent leap into the future of acoustically-fused electronic music.

Five of the seven pieces are driven by a complex juggernaut of authentic African percussion, performed as long-form groove trance pieces by Fayman and Kah. As opposed to just using loops to conjure the desired mood, Trance Spirits is a real continuum of time, with subtle evolution within the tracks. Entwined with the shamanic / harmonic trance-inducing soundworlds created by Roach – and augmented by Fripp on three tracks – the combined effect unleashes the primal forces of nature with a boiling undercurrent of rich, transporting textures.

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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