Lovespirals: Windblown Kiss (CD)

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  1. Oh So Long
  2. Dejame
  3. He Calls Me
  4. Windblown Kiss
  5. Our Nights
  6. You Girl
  7. How The Thieves Ride
  8. You Are The Gun
  9. Swollen Sea
  10. Can’t See You

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Windblown Kiss is the first full-length album by Lovespirals, the beautiful, and beautifully surprising collaboration of Ryan Lum (the driving force behind legendary Love Spirals Downwards) and avant-garde singer/songwriter Anji Bee.

Renown multi-instrumentalist Lum once again creates musical landscapes of breathtaking beauty – and with vocal styles ranging from ethereal to earthy, sweet to sensual, Bee shows off her remarkable vocal range, and allows the full force of her voice to soar into the sublime.

Drawing inspiration from Flamenco, Bebop, soul, folk and the stacks of early vinyl they each grew up loving, Lovespirals has created a timeless world of romance and intrigue. Leaving behind the conventional restraints of dance-floor tracks, this latest endeavor is at once a dreamscape of nostalgia, and a kiss blown to the future.

Using half a dozen different guitars, and featuring the extraordinary talents of Doron Orenstein (of Frescoe) on saxophones, and Sean Bowley (of Eden) on acoustic guitar and vocals, Windblown Kiss is a celebration of creative anachronism: the past and the future negotiate a gorgeous balance.

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