Various Artists: Excelsis 3 ~ a Prelude (maxi-cd)

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  1. Lovespirals: Aspen Glow
  2. Lynn Canfield: Edelweiss
  3. Audra: Let The Reindeer Live On My Roof
  4. Lowsunday: Blue Christmas
  5. Frolic: Angels We Have H
    eard On High
  6. Faith & Disease: Silver And Gold (alternate version)
  7. Mirabilis: Riu Riu Chiu
  8. Unto Ashes: Krampusnacht (for Krampus, the Christmas Demon)
  9. Lynn Canfield: Let Your Little Sister Pet The Kitty Too

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Nearly thirty minutes of holiday cheer

Projekt’s Excelsis and Excelsis vol 2 were so popular with fans, that in 2001, we decided to go a step further and put together a third volume in the series. We asked Projekt and Darkwave artists for all new holiday songs to appear on the Excelsis 3 Maxi-CD. Have a wonderful holiday…

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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  1. Reviews Editor

    From MusicTAP
    4 out of 5 starsThe Excelsis collection issued by Projekt are comprised of some of the most mystically enchanting songs that refer to the Christmas holidays. With ghostly reverence that is ethereally communicated to us by the artists that interpret the selections, we are taken on a journey of such aching perfection that we can only melt into the songs, become one with them. With the release of Excelsis 3 ~ A Prelude, Projekt have provided us with yet another great set of beautifully rendered Christmas tunes. And quite frankly, I don’t know of anybody that dislike songs that welcome the holiday for as long as it lasts. There’s a certain air about it. It’s quite a magical air in that everybody seems to put his or her insecurities on hold; the smiles come more freely and good will is genuine. This set showcases a collection of nine songs, all top quality offerings by the bands that recorded them. With a variety of styles in tow, Excelsis 3 is an excellent companion to the prior two discs.

    Lovespirals gives us “Aspen Glow”, a song borrowed from John Denver and sweetly sung in as good a version as you’ll ever hear by the beautiful Anji Bee, who’s voice is as charming as a winter scene that you become lost in. Ryan and Anji’s respect for the season is deeply felt. This track has become one of my favorite seasonal songs “Edelweiss”, from The Sound of Music, and “Let Your Little Sister Pet The Kitty Too” are sung by Lynn Canfield in two different approaches to Christmas. Lynn sings with respect to the nature of the songs and provides timeless beauty to the tracks she contributes. Audra delivers a contagious little tune that pleads for an extension of Christmas, something that many of us agree with. Charmingly sung, “Let the Reindeer Live On My Roof” is such a cool song that you’ll find it embedded in your brain for some time to come. Lowsunday offers a psychedelic “Blue Christmas” that is as engaging as it is intriguing. However, it is Frolic and their rendition of “Angels We have Heard On High” that captivates. With the ensnaring of a moment of Christmas so entrancing, it actually embodies the mystery that is the holiday. So ethereal is the song that it is likened to a rapturous midnight moonfall on a blanket of snow, caught in a time of something unexplainable. Faith & Disease sings an alternate version of “Silver and Gold” from the one found on Excelsis 2 ~ a winter’s song. A more traditional sounding song, “Riu Riu Chiu”, by Mirabilis, rounds out the stylistic approaches that is the hallmark of this release. Finally, Unto Ashes sings a pleasing “Krampusnacht” imbuing it with Christmas charm with their use of music box and horse hoofs.

    DISC Various artists with various stereo mixes. The entire package, as a whole, is well done.

    PACKAGING A four page fold with Christmas art. The inside of the booklet provides a detailed listing of the nine songs that make up this disc. Each song is well documented with origin, band info, instrument usage, and some liner notes. Very interesting booklet.

    THE FINAL SAY Christmas is a wonderful time that delineates the essence of everything pure and good. It is a mystery that can never be contained nor revealed and yet, is felt as a pain of something never grasped. The fundamental nature of it is in the beauty of the songs on this disc but vanishes as soon as you take the disc out of the player. Regardless, they leave a resonant peace that you can count as ‘value added’. Cheers to Projekt for this collection and the sets that preceded it. My Christmas wish is that Projekt would carry on with this series and continue to provide us with the intrinsic magnificence that is Christmas. – Matt Rowe

  2. Reviews Editor

    The recent installment in this trilogy is a maxi-cd “Excelsis: A prelude” (2001) containing nine tracks and seems to finally indulge in the tinsel-and-wrapping paper element of Christmas. This cover displays a cavalcade of glittery ornaments, shredded wrapping paper and surprisingly, a cat, who sits contemplating the festive disarray. The cream of recent Projekt additions from the past couple of years are featured; Audra’s “Let the Reindeer Live On My Roof”; Frolic’s “Angels We Have Heard on High”. Again, Unto Ashes can do no wrong with their original song, “Krampusnacht (for Krampus, the Christmas Demon)”, lots of jingling bells and music-boxes. An alternate version of Faith and Disease’s “Silver and Gold” appears also.

  3. Reviews Editor

    From Chain DLK
    Ahhhhh, X-Mas…. The smell of pinecones roasting on the fire (or something like that. Or was it elves?hell toss them in there too), people unwrapping gifts with materialist glee, and religious banter, as I shut my cranky atheistic self into my room for cover. You can tell I hate X-Mas, and I’m not a cheery one to have around the house at that time of year, but this CD is something good to come out of it, and the series in general. Projekt has always been music made for winter time and it shows why this is my choice music to listen to on a nice winter day inside. Lovespirals kicks in with their special brand of babymaking music. I can’t help it, everything this bands sings and plays sounds so kinky and sensual, but still so classy! And it is the first time I’ve heard someone sounding dead on like Liz Frazier without being a knockoff. Frolic also sounds divine as usual, this time bringing the vocals back to the front. Their last CD was one you could easily fall into, especially if you’ve got nature around, and was one of my favorite CD’s of last year. Faith and Disease sound strangely serene on their take of “Silver and Gold”, not like their usual dark selves. Unto Ashes bringing me out a good German Christmas song, “Krampusnacht” (Christmas Night)! I love the last song of Lynn Canfield (the girl from The Moon Seven Times, I believe), “Let your Sister Pet The Kitty Too”, it’s half Super Mario music and Lynn singing about gifts and cats as well. It’s playful which is odd to hear from a Projekt CD, but knowing Sam and all them they can be a playful bunch as well. I hate the holidays and I hate everything about it, but even for the many out there like me who feel the same way you’ll love it too. So hang a reindeer (or is that a mistletoe?) and grab some eggnog and have some fun with this one. – shaun hamilton

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