Various Artists: Within this infinite ocean… (CD)

This item is out-of-print, and here for historical purposes.

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  1. Mira: Divine
    Previously available only on 2000’s Various Artists: Seireenia [PRO94]
  2. Peter Ulrich: Taqaharu’s Leaving
    From the 1999 CD Pathways and Dawns [PRO95]
  3. Black tape for a blue girl: Overwhelmed, beneath me(2ooo version)
    Previously available only on 2000’s Various Artists: Seireenia [PRO94]
  4. Voltaire: Ex Lover’s Lover
    From the 1998 CD The Devil’s Bris [PRO83]
  5. Audra: What Your Eyes Had Seen
    From the 2000 Audra CD [PRO101]
  6. Lycia: Drifting
    From the1996 CD Cold [PRO67]
  7. Love Spirals Downwards: This Endris Night
    From the 1992 CD Idylls [PRO36]
  8. Mors Syphilitica: The Hues of Longing
    From the 2001 CD Feather and Fate [PRO118]
  9. Mira: In Theory
    From the 2001 CD Apart [PRO114]
  10. Fayman & Fripp: A Temple in the Clouds(Excerpt)
    From the 2000 CD A Temple in the Clouds [PRO104]
  11. Vidna Obmana: The Angelic Appearance
    From the 1996 CD The River of Appearance [PRO65]
  12. Steve Roach: Midnight Loom
    From the 2000 CD Midnight Moon [PRO99]
  13. Soulwhirlingsomewhere: Landed
    From the 1993 CD Eating The Sea [PRO43]

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Founder Sam Rosenthal hand-picked and designed this 70 minute collection of emotional and introspective tracks representing the heart of America’s Projekt label. The material is chosen from releases spanning the label’s 18 year history and features previously hard-to-find songs from Projekt’s successful newcomers Mira as well as Rosenthal’s own legendary black tape for a blue girl.
within this infinite ocean…

This item is out of print, and here for historical reasons.

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