Mors Syphilitica: FEATHER and FATE (Digital) (with Doc Hammer)

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  1. The Hues of Longing
  2. Naturally Cruel
  3. Between Feather & Fate
  4. Only A Whirlwind
  5. Galatea
  6. Glorious Breath
  7. Nostalgia’s Sea
  8. The Chains of Reason
  9. A Fever Dream
  10. Fountain of Tears
  11. My Virgin Widows
  12. Far From Loneliness
  13. Sins Of The Dove
  14. How Long

Gushing with romance, Mors Syphilitica’s third collection of songs remains loyal to the passion of their mid-80s Goth Rock roots (Lisa and Eric led the band Requiem in White), while blossoming forth with a spirit of reverie and lighthearted joy that infuses the album with a glowing light. Fear not! The happiness is like an image of a Pre-Raphaelite woman smelling a rose: music tumbles forth in a lush guitar symphony, with heavenly layers of vocals skipping carefree over whatever darkness lies beneath. Eric’s passionate devotion to Mors Syphilitica shines through; in fact, he is so obsessed with its purity that he works in isolation, playing every instrument on FEATHER and FATE himself. “In the recording process,” Eric comments, “the more I can whittle it down to where it’s just a musical romance between my wife and I, the happier I am.” Together, they take you on a heartfelt journey through a lush, dreamlike and enigmatic musical vision guided by stunningly beautiful vocals . . . and they embrace, desperately – as silent movie stars – in a golden, flickering light . . .

“I am awestruck by the new direction the band has taken. Far away but not entirely removed from the 80’s influence they were born under, FEATHER and FATE combines a mature accessibility and originality whose closest relative would be the Cocteau Twins, Pink Opaque era. In place of heavy guitar sounds, Eric’s sublime orchestration has taken on an ethereal dimension, providing a sweeter, more atmospheric backdrop to Lisa’s powerful, layered vocals, whose range and strength have only continued to develop. Mors Syphilitica’s two main elements (music and vocals) seem to have found each other on FEATHER and FATE and resolve in a new dynamic where they balance and complement each other. The result is a transporting new sound experience that most music fans have forgotten was possible.” – Propaganda Magazine

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