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  1. Kahar
  2. Yak
  3. Silnen Kempur
  4. Rajna
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Ophelia
  7. Bilaki
  8. Nomineum
  9. Lahul Nati
  10. Sién
  11. Nundré
  12. Traghodhia
  13. Sharanghi

This is the debut release from Rajna with re-designed artwork. Rajna is situated somewhere between dream and journey. The French trio’s music is an initiation to the independence of the spirit; an encounter with different cultures and civilizations, sounds and emotions. Clearly inspired by the mysteries of the Orient, Rajna’s compositions blend instruments from India, Tibet and Nepal into a remarkable Eastern ambience — highlighted by Jeanne’s ethno-gothic voice which liberates the soul with its astonishing power and spellbound freedom. Her voice is guided by the music itself, atmospheres that emanate and lead to ecstasy and trance. As if incantations, the voice passes through torment, agony to a sense of bewitchment, sensuality and emotional spirituality. “Rajna captures the passion of the possessed, the spark of divine inspiration. Fabrice Lefebvre and Gérard Chambellant play traditional Tibetan and Indian instruments such as the santoor, the yang T’chin, gongs and bells in a way that resembles ritualized devotional music, rather than actual songs. This is often discreetly embellished by synthesizer passages, and galvanic rhythmic patterns. Jeanne Lefebvre’s marvelously operatic vocals sound like she’s channeling the voices of spirits. You feel as if you are witnessing some clandestine, ancient ritual.”
– Craig Gidney / Ethereality Group at Yahoo.com

The inspiration for Rajna is philosophy rather than religion. Tibetan philosophy inspires the band towards wisdom and compassion. Buddhist philosophy gives the band keys to go further and find their own way. The band writes: “Rajna developed spirituality through initiation rites in Tibet; journeys into the depth of emotions, emotions that have been transmitted by that wonderful nation – majesty, beauty, wisdom. Our aim was to reach peace of mind — Nirvana — initiated by a Tibetan master who helped us open ourselves to the majesty of the spirit and the nobility of soul. Being fed by these fortunes brought us wisdom and has also permitted us to make good progress in our musical/spiritual research in order to reach the most precious thing in human beings – faith and the magnanimity of the soul.”

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