Frolic: To Dream, Perchance To Sleep (CD) #CDSale

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  1. The Tides of March
  2. Wept
  3. Breathing in My Soul
  4. As Time Goes By
  5. Forever Forlorn
  6. Forged
  7. Stay
  8. The Return
  9. Distant
  10. So True
  11. Wept II
  12. To Dream, Perchance to Sleep
  13. The Promises
  14. Heal

Guided by the siren-like, beautifully haunting vocals of Kelly O’ Brien, Frolic sets the stage for an atmospheric voyage through the land of dreams. Layers of atmospheres mix with subtle percussion and shimmering guitars to produce a windswept musical elixir with as much power to strengthen as there is to soothe. To Dream, Perchance to Sleep comes alive with a persistent heartbeat echoing in the background like a slow motion, snowflake-filled dream. And, just as in dreams, there are glorious peaks and ominous valleys.

Think of To Dream, Perchance to Sleep as a sort of musical interpretation of a Chirico or Chagall painting wherein, as author William Fleming stated, “one may find belief in the superior reality of the dream to the waking state, of fantasy to reason, of the subconscious to the conscious.” As Chirico said, “Everything has two aspects: the current aspect, which we see nearly always and which ordinary men see, and the ghostly and metaphysical aspect, which only rare individuals may see in moments of clairvoyance and metaphysical abstraction.” Frolic offers us the latter aspect in this beautiful and pensive 60-minute, ethereal sojourn.

The soft, swirling voices and gently wafting keyboards define this ethereal duo, Frolic, and one knows immediately this is something special. Like Love Spirals Downwards or Love is Colder Than Death before them, the musicians create a whirlpool of sound that reaches up to caress the listener’s ears and soothe their troubled mind. An album of glistening drones and fluid melody that captures moments in time and freezes them for our collective scrutiny. Highly recommended. – Carpe Noctem, reviewing Permafrost.

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