Faith & Disease: Beneath The Trees (CD)

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  1. beneath these trees
  2. rubina verde
  3. if i drink from this cup
  4. mayim-water is flowing
  5. to see her in this light
  6. this part of fortune lies
  7. eventually again
  8. shallow: two doors down
  9. banks of the ohio
  10. born and died on the 23rd

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“They’re probably the best band out there doing this type of thing — ethereal, chorale-type music with exquisite female vocals and minimal chamber ensemble instrumental backup. The songs just fall into place, each piece of music fitting into the next, seamlessly without ever misstepping.” – The Big Takeover

Picture the rainy Northwest – – – Seattle to be exact. Silk curtains slowly dance in the damp breeze, chamber music plays quietly on the old turntable as your lover sings quietly to herself across the room. Such is the feeling that is Faith & Disease: minimal, downtempo music . . . ghostly, reverbed guitar, awash with a dreamy mix of cello, flute, piano, gentle percussion, and lilting female vocals. Ten new studio tracks of sonic ambience, gentle melodicism and dynamic restraint, featuring the dark, melancholic beauty of vocalists Dara Rosenwasser and Charlotte Sather, and the minor-key arrangements of Eric Cooley. Subdued and hypnotic, Faith & Disease drizzle a serene mist of calm, shaping a vaporous musical tranquility.

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